Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spencer And Valentin’s Battle Escalates As Nina Gets Pulled Into It

Disney Channel / Image Group LA

Fans are anxious to check out Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that there is a lot set to go down in this show airing on April 16 and one intriguing situation will involve Spencer, Nina, and Valentin.

Viewers have watched Spencer and Valentin face off more than once before this, but now General Hospital spoilers detail that the young Cassadine will pursue a different approach. The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows Spencer talking to Nina, and he will blurt out that Valentin is causing trouble for him.

Nina will be confused to see Spencer sitting behind her desk at Crimson and General Hospital spoilers share that she’ll ask what he’s doing there. Spencer will be wound up and tell her that her knight in shining armor is blackmailing him and She Knows Soaps adds that he’ll voice frustrations over not being at Spoon Island.

Spencer will go on to urge Nina to rein in Valentin, and he’ll add that his uncle is also seemingly trying to keep Laura distanced from Charlotte. General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina will urge him to cool it and stop pushing Valentin’s buttons, but this won’t settle Spencer down at all.

As it happens, Valentin will end up outside of Nina’s office listening in as Spencer continues. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Spencer will tell Nina that Valentin is hiding something related to Sasha, and this is where Valentin will step in and end the conversation before it can progress any further.

Once Spencer leaves, Nina will ask Valentin about the Sasha comment, but he’ll do his best to brush it off and change the subject. Of course, Spencer doesn’t know exactly what the real deal is between Sasha and Valentin, nor is he the first to raise suspicions with Nina. Unfortunately, for now, it appears that she’ll remain oblivious to the heartbreak she’ll soon endure by learning the truth.

General Hospital spoilers note that Valentin will ask Nora to help him file for full custody of Charlotte. He’ll note that Lulu left Port Charles with little notice and since Laura technically has no legal standing for custody as Charlotte’s grandmother, Valentin will want to quickly amend the custody agreement. It sounds as if Lulu will quickly catch wind of this and return to town to fight any changes, but for now, Valentin will try to push this forward quickly.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Tuesday’s show will also give viewers big moments related to Dawn of Day. Michael will learn more from Willow about her experience with Shiloh, and Brad will be put in a difficult position when Shiloh convinces him to lie about the cup he’s supposed to test for drugs. In addition, Cameron gets into a fight at school as Aiden is taunted again, and Michael will spend more time with Sasha.

How will the truth about Sasha emerge and how much longer will viewers have to watch as Nina remains in the dark? General Hospital spoilers tease that this will explode soon, and fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out.