Human Rubber Band Stanislava Postnova Might Be The Most Flexible Girl On Instagram

Stanislava PostnovaInstagram

Fitness models haven’t got anything on this girl.

Stanislava Postnova is the Russian ballerina whose extreme flexibility has racked her up over 202,000 Instagram followers. This 19-year-old dancer recently got profiled by Elle – reach this level of fame and you will get noticed. Postnova also goes by the nickname Ruby Tear.

Ruby’s Instagram is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Videos show 180-degree leg extensions, oversplits, and a spine that appears to defy the confines of the human body. The result isn’t solely good genes, though. With nearly a decade’s training at Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Ruby has spent most of her life being prodded, poked, and perfected. Following her academy graduation, Ruby was hired by the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet company.

Her feet are arched like claws. Her hyper-extended legs appear as rubber-like as they are pure muscle. With a long neck, long arms, and a likely low body fat percentage, this girl was born to be a ballerina. Elle quotes Ruby on her dietary habits.

“I basically don’t have time to eat anything due to my full schedule and rehearsals. I might drink tea or water with sugar, eat a piece of chocolate or a sandwich.”

Ballerinas have long come with connotations of starving themselves. While this one appears to have little time to indulge in full meals, her Instagram does show Starbucks pit stops – Ruby appears to be a fan of the coffee chain’s frothy beverages. The odd snap shows them accompanied by a slice of cake. For the most part, though, the account is dedicated to showcasing Ruby’s insane flexibility.

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no rain, no flowers...????

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Elle continues to quote Ruby on her daily routine.

“My day typically begins at nine in the morning with a hot cup of black coffee. Then I go to the theater for morning class. After class, the corps de ballet has rehearsal, then the soloists.”

One look at Ruby’s Instagram is enough to confirm that life revolves around the studio for this ballerina. With frequent videos at the barre, Ruby is seen in a wardrobe of leotards, legwarmers, and the pointe shoes that appear to leave her feet riddled with bumps and bunions. Ballerinas typically start pointework at the age of 12 or 13 –Russian dance academies are known for starting the process as early as 9.

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wearing lovely @rubiawear ???? ... Когда я проснулся, её уже не было. С моим то сном, уйти и не разбудить — это искусство. Наверное, у неё был большой опыт в этом деле. Не сомневаюсь. Прикурив сигарету, я заметил на столе её часы и записку. Наверное, очень торопилась, раз забыла на таком видном месте. Но то, что она написала, заставило меня улыбнуться. «Я забыла у тебя свои часы. Представляешь?». — Вячеслав Прах, «Записки без почерка»#lazymondayclass

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Admittedly, this girl is straight-up captivating. Her grace and lightness are balanced out by steely strength. Her dedication is second to none. While Ruby has yet to climb the ranks to the company’s highest principal status, dance pundits consider her a likely contender for superstardom.