Dog The Bounty Hunter's Wife, Beth Chapman, Has A Message For Her Cancer

Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife, Beth Chapman, is battling cancer head-on. The reality star took to Twitter in the early hours of Monday morning and offered a stunning personal insight into the reality of dealing with lung cancer. Her words revealed that she is fighting the disease with a confident, positive attitude.

The 51-year-old bounty hunter replied to one of her fan's words of encouragement.

The follower posted, "@MrsdogC as I battle cancer myself you remind me daily it's ok to smile and cancer doesn't define us to live life to our fullest thank you for inspiring me."

Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife is well known for taking down the bad guys. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she has adopted the same can-do approach when it comes to her body. Chapman took the time to tell her fan how she's been coping with her health issues.

"I'm not listening to anyone but my body. If my body feels good than [sic] leave it alone I'll treat what hurts or ails me but I'm not gonna go looking for trouble lol #cancer does not define me it's merely a footnote in my biography!"
The Inquisitr reported that Chapman is currently in the throes of a full-on war against cancer. The reality star previously beat the disease in 2012 and went into remission for six years before lung cancer resurfaced in 2018. She has been in and out of the hospital as she receives the necessary medical treatment, such as chemotherapy.Just over a week ago, Chapman was hospitalized after she developed breathing complications due to cancer. According to The Inquisitr, she had emergency surgery to eliminate fluid buildup in her lungs. She has been taking it easy since she returned home but has kept her fans updated on her social media pages.

However, Chapman's resting period will be short-lived. The mother of four and her husband are currently filming a new series called Dog's Most Wanted where they track down bounty skippers. Duane "Dog" Chapman told E! News that cancer has not slowed his wife down. She has been determined to keep shooting the series in the face of her health crisis.

The macho bounty hunter was reduced to tears as he talked about the possibility of losing his wife. Dog revealed that Beth told him that if these were her final days on Earth, she wanted to spend them with her husband and enjoy their time together.