‘General Hospital’ Star Haley Pullos Thanks Fans For Making Her Feel Special

Rich FuryGetty Images

Haley Pullos will celebrate 10 years playing the role of Molly Lansing on General Hospital this summer. She isn’t seen on air as much as fans would like, but she has been on fire this past month thanks to the Dawn of Day storyline. The actress has been praised by viewers for her scenes this past week and now she is extending her gratitude to them as well.

Pullos took to her Twitter account on Friday to thank her fans for their support. Molly and her boyfriend, TJ, pop up every once in while in a scene or two. They have recently returned when TJ’s mom, Jordan, got hit by Drew’s car and is now in need of a kidney transplant. Now Molly is heavily involved with her sister Kristina’s involvement with a cult.

Haley’s scenes on General Hospital have been nothing short of fun and amazing to watch. Unlike her character’s older sister, Molly is not only book smart, but she knows a cult when she sees one. She is not afraid to say so either. Molly has laid into Kristina about getting so close to Shiloh and distancing herself from her family. While Alexis has been more laid back when it comes to her daughter’s future with Dawn of Day, Molly is not having it. She has become a little spitfire and fans are loving it.

After Molly was through ringing Shiloh out the other day, Sam even got a little smile on her face as she looked proud of Molly for standing up to him. Molly has no idea that Sam is playing Shiloh. She thinks that Sam is out of her mind for getting herself hooked up with Dawn of Day, too. She is afraid of losing both of her sisters.

It appears that the 20-year-old actress has read the positive comments made about her recent scenes. She has received plenty of praise on social media and Pullos decided to express her love for them as well.

“Thank you all endlessly for all of your kind words & support in response to my recent scenes on #gh. You truly know how to make a girl feel special and for real, none of this would be possible without all of YOU guys watchin every day!!! I love you, thank you.”

One fan even begged General Hospital’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, to put Haley on full time. It looks like everyone is missing her spunk on the ABC soap and they are ready for Molly to have her own storyline.

Haley Pullos is expected to have more scenes this week on General Hospital as spoilers say that she is getting worried about Kristina’s whereabouts. Keep watching to see if Sam lets Molly know that Kristina is safe and sound.