Kit Harington Says ‘GOT’ Is His Favorite Role Because It ‘Gave Me My Wife’

In a recent interview, Kit Harington said that Jon Snow in Game of Thrones will always be his favorite role because it’s where he met his wife, Rose Leslie, who played his on-screen love interest.

Hollywood Life reports that Harington knows all of the other reasons the iconic role of Jon Snow is a big deal, but it will always hold a special place in his heart beyond being the role that put him on the map.

Thrones, it’s given me possibly my future family; it’s given me my wife; it’s given me friends for life. It’s got a character I love, I will love, more than any other character I’ll ever play.”

Harington says he is still so grateful for all that Game Of Thrones has given him that he still struggles to put it in words. He says just talking about it triggers an emotional response.

“There isn’t a way of saying thank you to it enough. There never will be and I think that comes back to the question of, ‘How do you feel now that it’s finishing?’ Well, there aren’t words to describe how I feel about it.”

Harington attended the premiere of Season 8 of Game Of Thrones with Leslie, and the couple were all smiles and seemed happy to just be together.

Leslie also made a brief appearance on Saturday Night Live with Harington when he was the featured guest. During his monologue, Harington’s wife stood up to ask a question and say hello to the audience. The former Downton Abbey actor joked about what they would be doing from now on for money.

Harington said that neither one of them want to be pigeon-holed just for their roles in Game Of Thrones.

“It happens that we met in the show, and we’ve always tried not to be defined by that a bit. It’s just a job we met on. And I think once the show finishes, we get to kind of break free of it a bit and just be us, which is a really nice feeling.”

But for now, it’s still hard to separate Kit Harington and his high profile relationship from Game Of Thrones, especially after they threw perhaps the most famous wedding ever in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, as reported by The Inquisitr.

In town, Leslie’s parents own not one, but two castles, and her father and mother are literally lord and lady of the manor.

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