Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Respond To ‘SNL’ Skit Making Fun Of Their Tense Dynamic On ‘The View’

The View is known for showcasing the often very different political beliefs and opinions of its hosts. With so many large personalities, it is unsurprising that the hosts often clash on various topics. The dynamic between longtime host Joy Behar and late Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan is particularly tense. The two seem to go at it more frequently than the other hosts, and there are often some pretty antagonistic moments on air between them. Their most recent on-air blowup was surrounding homeland security, a controversial topic as of late. Saturday Night Live took the opportunity yesterday to poke some fun at the awkward moment, according to Yahoo News.

The real-life conversation between Behar and McCain was focused on Kirstjen Nielsen, the former United States Secretary of Homeland Security. Both the hosts had particularly strong opinions on Nielsen’s departure and got into a heated discussion. At one point, McCain gets angry with Behar for interrupting her mid-sentence.

“Part of your job is to listen to me,” McCain tells her.

During last nights sketch, Kate McKinnon played Behar, while Aidy Bryant took on the role of McCain. The two re-enacted the tense on-air moment with a bit of embellishment.

Bryant, dressed in a red blouse (with a black bow) that McCain previously wore on air, goes off on a tangent about the crisis at the border.

“Can I just say something as the princess of Arizona? There is a crisis at the border, and the border is right up in my Arizona, which was founded on sunburnt women selling turquoise jewelry, not rando Mexicans. And that’s not racist because my makeup artist is gay.”

McKinnon’s Behar attempts to get a word in to no avail. That’s when Bryant fired back with the now-famous comeback line.

“Can you let me talk because it’s actually your job to listen to me!”

While Behar’s character visibly tries to contain her fury, Leslie Jones’s Whoopi Goldberg sprays the hosts with water in an apparent attempt to cool off the heated moment. Meanwhile, Jenny McCarthy (portrayed by Emma Stone), pulls out some popcorn and begins to film the altercation, seeming to enjoy every second.

Somewhat surprisingly, McCain took the skit in good humor. Despite taking a break from social media, she re-emerged to praise the episode on Twitter.

“I’m not supposed to be on twitter because of hiatus BUT this sketch is hilarious, and being parodied by @SNL is a huge pop cultural honor. – Signed, your old intern and “the princess of Arizona.”

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