Oprah Winfrey Created Her Own Avocado Orchard Because She Thought They Were Too Expensive

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

With a net worth of approximately $2.4 billion, Oprah Winfrey is one of the wealthiest women in the nation. Nevertheless, she’s still practical in terms of finances and doesn’t like to spend money if she doesn’t have to. The television personality loves vegetables and often shares social media posts of her vast garden. Winfrey also loves avocados, but thinks they are too expensive to buy in the grocery store. To avoid the price altogether, she decided to create her own avocado orchard where she can now grow and harvest avocados on her own, according to Today.

Winfrey recently revealed to Trevor Noah on a Between The Scenes insert during The Daily Show that she planned to share some more details of her day-to-day life. Noah wanted to know if Winfrey ever encounters the everyday problems or inconveniences that normal people do, such as her phone running out of battery while she was speaking, or the toilet paper roll running out of paper after she used the restroom. Winfrey stated that these are not things she ever experiences due to careful precautionary measures. However, she did reveal something she did consider to be normal about her daily life.

“I will tell you several things (about me), very normal. I travel with my own bread and I bring my own avocados. I have an avocado orchard.”

Noah burst into laughter at the mere idea of it, along with the audience.

When they were finished, Winfrey explained her reasoning. She thinks it is “ridiculous” for one to pay for avocados.

“Which is why you bought your own orchard? Are you kidding me? That’s not a normal story,” Noah responded laughing.

While spending hours tending to and harvesting an avocado orchard may seem like a lot of work for the rest of us, it is just a normal day for Winfrey. To prove she wasn’t bluffing about the orchard, she later posted photos on her Instagram page showing the bounty. She is pictured proudly holding a heaping basket filled with avocados and figs grown right in her garden. Other photos depicted her expansive garden in full bloom, with beautiful roses and newly emerged blossoms on the trees.

Winfrey avoids losing money in other ways, as well. While she typically sends the majority of her laundry away to be washed, she doesn’t include her underwear.

“You know why? Because it’s $5 for a pair of panties,” she said.