School Enforced Parent Dress Code? Here’s What The Internet Thinks


As The Inquisitr previously reported today, a high school in Texas called the police to remove a parent from their property for violating the dress code after she refused to leave of her own free will. The mother in question not only insisted that she did nothing wrong, but that the school refused to provide any documentation on the dress code she allegedly violated.

As media outlets have started to pick up and share their own spin on this story, many have taken to social media to poll the internet on their thoughts. Should parents have to adhere to the same dress code as the students?

Unsurprisingly, individuals on both Twitter and Facebook have been very vocal with their thoughts on a parental dress code. The overwhelming majority felt that not only was the school out of line because her daughter was a brand-new student but that parents — within reason — should be allowed to dress however they please.

One Twitter user reminded everyone that it was a very classic punishment to bring your child to school in an embarrassing outfit. The individual went on to point out that forcing parents to abide by a dress code would make it difficult to continue this effective tradition.

Some Facebook users were rather conflicted on the issue because they didn’t believe the school should have a dress code for parents, but they felt that it was a parent’s responsibility to come to the school dressed appropriately. This shifted the conversation into a question of whether the Texas mother was dressed inappropriately. The majority agreed that some sort of pants or shorts would have easily solved the problem.

The same group of Facebook users had mixed feelings on the headscarf as well. Some felt that, for cultural reasons, the school should have let that article of clothing go. Others were quick to point out the scarf could have concealed a weapon and the school was just protecting the students.

There were even some individuals who worked within the school setting that took to Twitter to admit they found the idea of a parental dress code to be baffling, as they’ve never heard of such a thing.

While most were very against the idea, there were a few Twitter users who said they wouldn’t have that big of an issue with a mandatory dress code for parents. These individuals, however, clarified it was important for the school to have the dress code in writing the same way they do for their students as they cannot enforce an implied dress code.

One Twitter user was so enraged by the story she claimed she would have sued the school over kicking her off the property because of what she was wearing.

Overall, the internet has some really strong feelings regarding both parental dress codes and whether the Texas mom was dressed appropriately.