Where To Get The Best Coffee In Every State

“I have measured out my life in coffee spoons,” T.S. Eliot once wrote. The working person’s ambrosia is now nearly ubiquitous, and a reported 83 percent of Americans indulge in the beverage, averaging three cups a day per person.

However, some cups of joe are better than others, and Food and Wine went on a national quest to find the best coffee available in every state.

Americans’ love of coffee has turned the morning staple into a $30 billion a year industry, according to Professor Bob Thompson, per USA Today.

“You could say this nation runs on two dark liquids — petroleum and coffee.”

The research took a year to complete, and the Food and Wine writers were sure to not to disclose their employer — or their mission — so that the results were authentic. The writers were overall impressed and optimistic with all of the options available to them, and had a glowing review of the process.

“Possibly for the first time ever, each state now has a modern, up-to-speed coffee roaster doing at least very promising work, so there’s that — from North Dakota to Nevada to Oklahoma to Alabama, there are so many bright, often very young people jumping into the game, a group that becomes more representative by the year.”

The guidelines were simple: the coffee shops had to be an actual coffee roaster, and have been operational for at least two years. Also, the coffee aficionados were not just judging the coffee, but also the ambiance of the café, the commitment to sustainability, and the baristas and customers.

Though the Food and Wine article lists the impression notes of coffee, general experiences, and runners up, below is a short summary of places to find a great cup of joe.

Alabama: Domestique Coffee Company, Birmingham.

Alaska: Uncle Leroy’s Coffee, Anchorage.

Arizona: Presta Coffee Roasters, Tucson.

Arkansas: Onyx Coffee Lab, Springdale.


California: Coffee Manufactory, Oakland.

Colorado: Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, Lakewood.

Connecticut: Giv Coffee, Canton.

Delaware: Brandywine Coffee Roasters, Wilmington.

Florida: King State Coffee, Tampa.

Georgia: East Pole Coffee Co., Atlanta.


Hawaii: Kona Coffee Purveyors, Honolulu.

Idaho: Neckar Coffee, Boise.

Illinois: Big Shoulders Coffee, Chicago.

Indiana: Tinker Coffee Co., Indianapolis.

Iowa: Horizon Line Coffee, Des Moines.

Kansas: PT’s Coffee, Topeka.


Kentucky: Good Folks Coffee, Louisville.

Louisiana: Congregation Coffee, New Orleans.

Maine: Tandem Coffee Roasters, Portland.

Maryland: Thread Coffee Roasters, Baltimore.

Massachusetts: Little Wolf Coffee, Ipswich.

Michigan: Foster Coffee Co., Owasso.


Minnesota: Wesley Andrews, Minneapolis.

Mississippi: Bean Fruit Coffee, Jackson.

Missouri: Monarch Coffee, Kansas City.

Montana: Treeline Coffee, Bozeman.

Nebraska: Archetype Coffee, Omaha.

Nevada: Vesta Coffee Roasters, Las Vegas.

New Hampshire: Horseshoe Cafe (via Instagram), Newmarket.

New Jersey: Penstock Coffee Roasters, Highland Park.

New Mexico: Cutbow Coffee Company, Albuquerque.

New York: Sey Coffee, Brooklyn.


North Carolina: Black & White Coffee Roasters, Wake Forest.

North Dakota: Youngblood Coffee Roasters, Fargo.

Ohio: Branch Street Coffee, Boardman.

Oklahoma: Clarity Coffee/KLLR Coffee, Oklahoma City.

Oregon: Good Coffee, Portland.

Pennsylvania: Passenger Coffee, Lancaster.


Rhode Island: Bolt Coffee, Providence.

South Carolina: Methodical Coffee, Greenville.

South Dakota: Coffea Roasterie, Sioux Falls.

Tennessee: Crema, Nashville.

Texas: Greater Goods Roasting, Austin.

Utah: La Barba, Salt Lake City.


Vermont: Carrier Roasting Co., Northfield.

Virginia: Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co., Richmond.

Washington: Olympia Coffee, Olympia.

West Virginia: Quantum Bean Coffee, Morgantown.

Wisconsin: Ruby Coffee Roasters, Nelsonville.

Wyoming: Pine Coffee Supply, Pinedale.