Demi Lovato Debuts Brand New Hair Style Just In Time For Spring

Ari PerilsteinGetty Images

Singer Demi Lovato has taken the plunge, and has chopped off her gorgeous long locks just in time for spring. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer showed off the before and after photos to her Instagram Story, and shared that her hair had grown past shoulder length without the help of extensions.

For the series of snaps, Lovato showed off her stylish bob, and her hair looked healthy and shiny following the dramatic chop. She also had her hair dyed to a dark brown, which was an upgrade from her previous style — light brown highlights that had grown out, joined by her natural soft chestnut-brown.

As The Blast shared, Lovato has been focusing on getting her life, and health, back on track following a near-fatal overdose last year. The singer has been working hard in the gym alongside her trainer, Jay Glazer, taking boxing lessons to help strengthen her body and mind. She works so hard in the gym, in fact, that she punched out Glazer’s tooth following one of their sparring sessions.

“Holy sh** I literally knocked @jayglazer’s tooth out during training this morning – while he was wearing a mouth piece!!!! Hahahahaha sorry (not sorry) Jay,” Lovato shared at the time.

The Blast further revealed that Lovato has been attending Glazer’s Unbreakable Performance Gym in West Hollywood for years, but recently got back in the ring after she returned home from rehab last November.

Last July, Lovato suffered a heartbreaking overdose. When responders from the Los Angeles Police Department arrived, per The Blast, those in Lovato’s home would not share which drugs she used that caused the overdose. Further, Lovato was reportedly uncooperative with officials. Her family released a statement through a rep, and said that Lovato was awake and responsive. They asked for privacy during the difficult ordeal.

Following the incident, Lovato has been making moves to regain control of her life and career. She shares wonderful updates with her fans — updates that her 71.3 million Instagram followers adore — including snaps of her cute dogs running amok around her home following a bath. She recently added this amusing affair to her Instagram Story.

Last month, Lovato opened up in another heartfelt post shared to her Instagram Story, per The Blast. In this update, she revealed that March 15 would have been her 12th year sober, had she not had a few setbacks. The positive post was well received by her fans, who support and rally around the singer no matter the circumstance.

“Today I would’ve been 7 years sober. I don’t regret going out because I needed to make those mistakes but I must never forget that’s exactly what they were: mistakes,” she shared.