Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Cameron Gets Protective When Aiden Faces More Bullying

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers share that Aiden’s days of being bullied aren’t over yet. Liz and Franco have been exploring how to handle the idea that Aiden might end up questioning his sexuality, but they haven’t directly addressed the topic with the young boy yet. Unfortunately, it seems that the relatively general bullying that Aiden has been experiencing recently at school is going to get more direct, and Aiden’s big brother Cameron is going to get involved.

While Charlotte supposedly isn’t bullying Aiden at school anymore, there are still issues. The young boy was recently left out of a supposed friend’s birthday party, and the child’s mom insinuated that it was because of the speculation that Aiden might be gay. Now, as the latest General Hospital spoilers detail, things will get even more difficult at school.

According to SheKnows Soaps, one of Aiden’s classmates will soon use a homophobic slur in referring to the young boy. Spoilers for General Hospital detail that Cameron will catch wind of this incident and things will quickly turn physical. Cameron gets into a fight over this, and naturally, Elizabeth and Franco will soon learn about all of the chaos and be quite upset.

Elizabeth and Franco will try to talk with Cameron about the situation, trying to navigate Cam to a place where he can understand that Aiden may later determine that he is gay. Unfortunately, it seems that Cameron won’t react well to this.

Apparently, both Franco and Elizabeth will be upset by Cam’s reaction. Liz and Cameron will have an intense confrontation over this, and Franco will be upset as well. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco will reach out to Nina to get some help with the situation, and additional teasers about where this heads should emerge soon.

As for the timing of all of this, it sounds as if it may begin with either Friday’s show or Monday’s, but that’s not confirmed yet. General Hospital spoilers share that Cam and Franco will butt heads on Monday’s episode, but that’s not necessarily connected to the Aiden concerns. If it doesn’t happen within the next couple of shows, it seems likely to be set to play out soon.

As could surely be expected, fans are somewhat divided on this storyline involving Aiden. Some believe that the boy is too young for this topic to be relevant, while others are praising the show for tackling this and addressing it in a way they feel is realistic and sensitive.

Regardless of what Aiden eventually determines about his sexuality, General Hospital spoilers tease that there are some deeply emotional scenes on the way that will challenge Aiden’s family and get viewers buzzing.