Ariana Grande Gets Down On Her Knees In Adorable Dance Video

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Late last night singing sensation Ariana Grande took to her Instagram account to share a very bubbly video with her 150 million followers. The short clip featured the young superstar jamming to music from the ’90s with a beaming smile splashed across her face.

Published to her profile just 12 hours ago – in the middle of the night – her massive following has already showered it with a lot of love by watching the clip over 7 million times and leaving over 23,000 comments.

Many of her followers commented on how cute she was in the video clip and how her captivating smile made their day.

“The cutest most beautiful woman ever,” one follower gushed.

A second added, “u are the cutest human being i have ever seen in my entire life.”

In the video, Ariana was dancing to a song titled “Tearin’ Up My Heart” by American boy band NSYNC. In the caption, the singer explained that rocking out to music from the 1990s was very therapeutic to her.

Born in June of 1993, Grande is the right age to have enjoyed the music of NSYNC at a young age as they were active from the years of 1995 to 2003.

The video featured the young singing sensation rocking her signature ponytail, a thick layer of black liner around her eyes, and a light lip color as she danced to the tune. Grande donned an orange ensemble with a deep v-neckline and no sleeves, allowing her to show off a little of her sun-kissed complexion.

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the best medicine ???? 90s baby ????????

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Ariana timed getting down on her knees perfectly with the line of the song, “I am down, on my knees,” before rising back up and continuing to dance.

Grande utilized a filter allowing her to appear as if she was surrounded by balls of light as she danced.

Ariana’s mother, Joan, was among one of the first to leave a comment on the video.

“The greatest song…. how many times did we see them perform oh my god,” the songstress’s mother penned in a comment showered by over 7,000 likes and just shy of 200 replies.

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Singer and songwriter Victoria Monet was also among one of the first to leave a comment, claiming that Grande looked like “sunshine” wearing a ponytail.

Actor Aidan Gallagher, Norwegian pop duo Marcus & Martinus, and songwriter Savan Kotecha were also among some of the most liked comments on Grande’s Instagram video.

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ɹnoʇ ʇxǝu 'n ʞuɐɥʇ / ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍs

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The delightful Instagram video comes just hours after Grande shared a clip of herself attending an NSYNC concert at a young age. In the comments of the video, many gushed at how cute “little Ari” was. Others replied by jesting that Ariana has “always been little.”