No, Captain Marvel Does Not Whisper A Secret Message To Thor In ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Clip

Avengers: Endgame is just two weeks away, and a new clip from Good Morning America has had fans buzzing over the weekend. The new footage was a complete clip from the beginning of the film, where the surviving heroes discuss going after Thanos in space. While the clip in itself had fans in frenzy, a particular moment between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) left everyone scratching their heads.

As reported by Comic Book, the moment when Thor approaches Captain Marvel before summoning Stormbreaker to his hand, it sounds like the heroine says “I have telepathy” in some sort of secret message. Captain Marvel’s lips don’t move when the message is said, meaning she’d be delivering the telepathic message, well, telepathically. The odd moment happens at the 48-second mark in the clip, if you feel inclined enough to check it out.

While this is a fun theory to speculate on, and fun to listen for as well, it’s pretty much confirmed that there is no secret message being spoken. Inverse has broken the entire thing down, which they are paralleling to the whole “Yanny/Laurel” debacle from 2018. The outlet is also noting that the sound is really just Thor walking towards Carol, which is also mixed with his breathing.

The “I have telepathy” comment can also be debunked by the Captain Marvel comic books themselves. Telepathy has never been a power of Carol’s, and it’s unlikely the big guns Marvel Studios just decided to throw another trait at the popular character who already is one of the most powerful superheroes ever.

Inverse also believes that there would be no reason whatsoever for Carol to telepathically send this message to Thor at that point in time, even if she did have the power. The scene has nothing to do with mind-reading and is simply Thor sizing up Captain Marvel for himself. Carol delivering a telepathic message to Thor, or any other surrounding superhero, contributes nothing to the scene, and the whole situation just doesn’t hold water.

This is also a classic example of being told something ahead of time and hearing it solely based on the fact that you’re waiting for it. Many fans on Twitter are noting they never heard the “I have telepathy” comment until other fans had mentioned it to them. The power of suggestion has amazing capabilities, as proven by this new clip. Check out the video below and listen for the line yourself.

Avengers: Endgame lands in theaters on April 26.

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