Taylor Swift Surprises Hospitalized Fan With ‘Get Well’ Message

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

A Kentucky woman who suffered several broken bones and a collapsed lung after she was injured in a car crash got the ultimate surprise when singer Taylor Swift sent her flowers and a handwritten “get well” note.

Lindsay Sizemore, 23, of Marion, had been hospitalized since March 31. She was scheduled to be discharged on Friday, and while that, in itself, may have been something to be happy about, nothing could match the excitement she felt when she found out that Swift had sent her flowers and a handwritten note.

Sizemore said that she was known as the “Taylor Swift Girl” in her home town.

“I’m 23 but I’m still known as that because I’ve loved her for so long,” Sizemore explained to WTVF.

“I never, never in my life thought she would actually send flowers or anything like that, I was in shock.”

Sizemore loves the singer so much that her hospital room was decorated with pictures of the singer. She shared photos and a video of the occasion on her social media, where she is seen shedding tears of joy.

The Swift fan said she had no idea how the pop star heard about her hospital stay, but did say that some of her friends had tagged Swift in several posts their own posts about the accident.

There’s no doubt that Sizemore is a devoted fan. WTVF reported that she has attended 33 Swift concerts, and even has tattoos in honor of the Grammy winner.

“She’s always been a good person and definitely a good role model. I love her so much and the letter means the world to me. It’ll help me get through recovery, and ease the pain of broken ribs, a broken back, broken leg, broken neck, and a broken arm,” Sizemore said.

Swift has made it a point to connect with her fans over the years, which is just another reason they love her.

In 2017, she sent another fan, Ashley Silvers, a bouquet of flowers and a handwritten card congratulating her from graduating from the University of Central Florida, E! News reported. In 2016, she surprised 96-year-old Cyrus Porter for Christmas. Time magazine reported that Swift visited the World War II veteran’s family the day after Christmas and sang “Shake It Off.” Porter was reportedly just as excited as Sizemore and Silvers to see how generous the star could be.

As The Inquisitr reported in 2018, Swift also donated over $15,000 to help a fan whose mother was in a coma.