‘The Challenge’ Stars Turbo Turabi And Hunter Barfield Almost Come To Blows In Heated Episode


Wednesday night’s episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds did not disappoint after the teams officially dissolved and solo challenges began. After competing in a hurricane fan competition where competitors had to run into the wind carrying large balls from point A to point B, Paulie Calafiore, Turbo Turabi, and Theo Campbell came out on top securing their spots in the Tribunal.

The three men chose Wes Bergmann, Hunter Barfield, and Kyle Christie for nominations and after the Tribunal took place, some drama went down in the house. What started out as a casual conversation quickly escalated when Hunter proclaimed he could take down any man in the house. Hunter eventually commented that he would take down two-time Survivor Turkey winner Turbo, which MTV documented on Twitter.

“I’ll f*** him up with my right hand tied behind my back,” Hunter declared.

Turbo appeared to laugh off the comment from Hunter and joked about it in his confessional, remarking that Hunter couldn’t “f*** up” anyone. Theo then jumped in and asked Hunter what he was talking about and took a major jab, asking why he was speaking when Wes hadn’t told him to. Wes and Hunter’s alliance has been playing out all season on War of the Worlds, as the Challenge champion and veteran has been mentoring his new friend all season long.

Once things started getting heated between Theo and Hunter, Turbo began to get riled up. The Challenge rookie asked Hunter what he meant by the comment as he began to get angrier and angrier.

“I’m not scared of you,” Hunter replied.

Eventually, Turbo rose out of his chair and continually told Hunter he could not “f*** me up,” as producers and cast members began working their way between the two men. For the rest of the night, Turbo was extremely heated after Hunter followed him around the house. It appeared as if Hunter was trying to squash things but was going about it the wrong way, and things only got worse.

In the morning, Turbo made a comment to Wes in the kitchen that if Hunter even touched him as a joke, he was going to break his arm. Kyle joked that this was all about Nany Gonzalez, who Hunter has been hooking up with this season and was the former partner of Turbo. Both Nany and Hunter shot that theory down and explained what had happened the night before.

Later at the Killing Floor, Turbo through Hunter a bone by not voting for him to go down into the elimination. His vote went to Kyle, as did Paulie’s, which sent the former Geordie Shore cast member down into the ring. Kyle eventually called out Stephen Bear and the two competed in a trivia competition with a little physicality on the side. Kyle came out on top, sending Challenge bad boy Bear home in the first singles elimination of the season.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.