Don Lemon Admits To Crying During Fiance Tim Malone’s Proposal

Jason KempinGetty Images for GLAAD

CNN anchor Don Lemon admitted that at the moment fiancé Tim Malone proposed, it was hard to keep his emotions at bay.

Lemon told Page Six he couldn’t stop the waterworks once Malone got on one knee and popped the question.

“Of course I cried! At first I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ His hands were trembling and his mouth was shaking, and he had a box in his hand and he got down on one knee.”

Thankfully, he thought better of mocking the romantic gesture.

“It was like, ‘Oh my gosh this is really happening,’ so I decided not to laugh.”

The TV personality announced his engagement to Malone Saturday via a heartwarming Instagram post, reported Page Six. The pair have been dating for over two years.

Lemon remarked that Melon actually has a bit of a temper that rears its ugly head when faced with flirtatious admirers. He joked about keeping his fiancé out of confrontations, despite a couple of occasions where things got out of hand.

“He gets mad. He just has a temper. You might find a drink in your face or something.”

Lemon has discussed his past struggles with dating, admitting to Metrosource magazine via Page Six that he was unsure as to why people were interested in him. He revealed he often wondered if someone dated him because of his personality, or because they only wanted fame. The anchor noted that before he met Malone, he harbored trust issues with others in his relationships.

When the two first met, Lemon was single and dating while Melon was seeing someone. The pair were friends for over a year before Melon’s relationship ended and he and Lemon got together. The two made their relationship public when they appeared together holding hands at a Saturday Night Live afterparty.

In an interview with People, Lemon said that despite being inundated with wedding inquiries, he and Melon were in no rush to get married. Even the upcoming pressures of choosing a date or location don’t appear to faze the couple, as Lemon said he listened to advice that encouraged him to avoid obsessing over wedding planning and enjoy it instead.

The CNN personality, who came out in his 2011 book Transparent, spoke with The New York Times about his decision to do so.

Lemon said it was something “people have to do at their own speed,” adding that the more people who decide to come out, “the better it is for everyone.”

Lemon admitted that if he had been exposed to more proudly out people, it wouldn’t have taken him so long to do it on his own.