Ryan Reynolds Shares The Audition Video For The Casting Of ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’

One of the most anticipated movies of the summer comes in the form of Pokemon Detective Pikachu. After the release of a few trailers thus far, Ryan Reynolds shared a new video today on his YouTube channel that introduces the world to all the different Pokemon that fans can expect to see in the new movie.

Pokemon is a worldwide entertainment phenomenon that centers on trainers who have to capture and train little creatures known as Pokemon, each of which has their own unique and individual set of powers. The trainers battle it out to be the greatest Pokemon Trainers in the world in elaborate tournaments. Pokemon Detective Pikachu is a different spin on the stories seen in the franchise over the years. The live-action movie focuses on one specific Pokemon, a mouse-type known as Pikachu, who loses his memory and embarks on a mission to find what happened to the man he knew. Stumbling across the man’s son, who seems to be the only one to hear Pikachu, the two embark on an awesome adventure in a twist of the usual buddy-comedy formula.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu marks the first time that the character of Pikachu speaks, or at least is seen as talking in English.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is most interesting, and almost entirely being sold to audiences on the back of Ryan Reynolds himself. The star lends his voice to the small creature and thus far has been the one responsible for most of the viral marketing campaign for the film.

The latest teaser, released by Reynolds, features an introduction of the different types of Pokemon that the movie features, along with their names and some relevant information about them. It’s almost similar to a get-to-know-you style opening credits footage set to music. The comedic angle to the video is that it’s portrayed as a casting call, where various Pokemon are seen as “auditioning” for the opportunity to be in the new movie. The teaser also features a lot of new footage spliced with Pikachu himself. The video was released as an announcement that the tickets to the movie are now on sale.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu should be an interesting movie to watch out for, given what it could mean to the industry if the movie performs well. Pokemon is a multi-media franchise that spans various mediums all over the world, so the franchise-potential for Pokemon is incredibly high if Pokemon Detective Pikachu succeeds at the box office.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu releases everywhere on May 10.

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