Clever! Thief busted by playing online games on stolen Xbox

22-year-old Jeremiah Gilliam of the Bronx is heavy on criminal tendencies, but a little light on gray matter. Police recently raided Gilliam’s flat and nabbed him for carrying out almost 200 car larcenies and a good few burglaries.

Amongst the mountain of stolen property found on the premises, the police found a crucial clue that had enabled them to obtain a search warrant and secure Gilliam’s arrest: an Xbox 360 that the thief stole, and then hooked up to Xbox Live to play games online – d’oh! Gilliam took the console online on November 11th, so police got in touch with Microsoft and Gilliam’s Internet provider to catch their man.

A truly heart-warming reminder of human stupidity to finish on just before Christmas Day. Have a good one, everybody!

[, via HotBloodedGaming]