Netflix Announces ‘Lucifer’ Season 4 With A Sizzling Teaser Of Tom Ellis

Lucifer was a fan favorite show on Fox, one that was canceled after its third season. However, the show’s popularity led to an acquisition by Netflix, with promises to continue with a Season 4. After a long period of anticipation, Netflix has now finally announced the release date for Season 4 on their official YouTube channel. The announcement comes alongside a sizzling teaser showcasing Tom Ellis rising from a hot tub, whiskey glass in hand.

Lucifer is a character that first appeared in the Neil Gaiman graphic novel series, The Sandman, who eventually spun off into his own title published by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint. The character got his own show on Fox in 2016. After three seasons, Fox canceled Lucifer due to consistently low ratings, as per CBR. However, the streaming giant Netflix picked up the show for a limited Season 4, promising 10 episodes — as was reported by Deadline — which is the usual length of a normal TV series created by Netflix.

Lucifer featured the adventures of the Devil (Tom Ellis) who abandoned his post in Hell to come to Los Angeles and run a nightclub. Able to discern everyone’s character and true desires, Lucifer is stumped when he comes across LAPD detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), who seems inexplicably immune to his powers. So, Lucifer pursues this by becoming a consultant for the LAPD. He accompanies Decker on various criminal cases, while also dealing with the real reasons he left Hell — and the consequences for having done so.

The series gained quite a following on social media, mostly through the charms of its lead character. Cast engagement on social media also helped to support a burgeoning fan base. Fans have been awaiting a trailer or announcement for Season 4, and Netflix did not disappoint.

Leaning into the image of the Lucifer character being a womanizer, Netflix has decided to really hammer home the steamy nature of his character. The teaser sees Ellis rising, shirtless, after being submerged in a hot tub. He grabs a glass of whiskey as he does so — in slow motion. The teaser is sure to entice new and existing fans, and it is very much in keeping with the character’s personality on the show.

With Lucifer being on Netflix, audiences are expecting a lot less of the restrictions that hold back a broadcast network show. However, just how different Lucifer will be on Netflix than it was on Fox remains to be seen.

Lucifer returns for a Season 4 run, with all of its original cast, on Netflix on May 8.

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