Hailey Baldwin Bieber Uses Blood In Her Moisturizing Routine

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Hailey Baldwin is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, with a successful modeling career and over 19 million Instagram followers.

However, a beauty secret she shared in a March interview with Marie Claire has recently gotten some renewed attention.

As previously written by The Inquisitr, the interview covered the basics of the model’s self-care routine, including tips about exercise, a “less is more” look, and sharing shampoo with her husband, Justin Bieber.

But the model also shared a less common tip — using a moisturizer formulated with blood.

“I moisturize with a cream by Dr. Barbara Sturm that’s formulated with my blood… At home, I use a good hyaluronic-acid serum, SPF, and my blood cream.”

Though the moisturizer may sound creepy, it has a cult following with Hollywood celebrities. The “blood cream,” officially called MC1 cream, was created by Barbara Sturm, an orthopedic doctor who went on to become a skincare scientist.

It’s not just celebs who are obsessed with the skincare product. An Into The Gloss review, which covered both the process and results, concluded that the face cream was “magic.”

The procedure involves extracting a client’s blood and putting it through a process that “stimulates the blood to react like you’ve been injured.” This creates healing proteins, known as platelet-rich plasma, which are then separated and blended with the moisturizer.

“It’s like Neosporin for your face. It’s all I’ve been using,” Into The Gloss‘ Alyssa Reeder was quoted as saying.

The rave review mentioned that “healing scabs looked 50 percent better” by the next morning and that any fine lines and wrinkles were “nowhere to be found.”

Unfortunately, the miracle cream does come with a negative — its price. The reporter admitted that the cost of $1,400 made it difficult for her to purchase again, despite the glowing effect.

Dr. Sturm is not only known for her face cream. She also pioneered the “vampire facial” that has been used by celebs like Kim Kardashian.

The facial works by piercing the skin hundreds of times with tiny needles filled with blood that has undergone the same process as in the cream.

However, the famous reality star has since confessed on her personal website, KimKardashianWest.com, that she regretted the treatment. Kim explained that she had found out she was pregnant shortly before the facial, meaning the numbing creams and painkillers that most patients were used were off-limits.

“It was really rough and painful for me. It was honestly the most painful thing ever! It’s the one treatment that I’ll never do again.”

Nonetheless, she admitted that the facial gives good results and that it has “so many benefits” for the skin.

The vampire facial also comes with a hefty price tag, averaging $1,300 nationwide.