‘Monsters Inc.’ TV Series Coming To Disney+ With Original Voice Cast

Disney+ is Disney’s answer to Netflix, as the media giant is gearing up to launch their own streaming platform by 2020. As part of its release, the Disney original movie Monsters Inc. is getting a series spin-off titled Monsters At Work, as revealed in an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter.

Disney is on their way to rival the streaming giant Netflix with their own streaming service that promises many brand new original content from a variety of sources. As The Inquisitr already reported, the streaming service will see brand new shows from Disney’s stable of properties such as The Mandalorian from Lucas Films, various shows featuring Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) characters from Marvel Studios, as well as even more Disney original content. A new report from THR now confirms that one of Disney’s own original movies will be spun-off into a series.

The movie Monsters Inc. saw a dimension in which monsters appeared in children’s bedrooms through dimensional doorways in order to harvest their fearful screams as fuel needed to sustain their entire society. The children’s screams to power their entire world. However, the status quo is challenged when a little human girl comes through a door into their own dimension, and two Monsters need to keep her a secret and return her, at the risk of being found out and condemned by their world.

Monsters Inc. was a hugely successful movie that even saw a prequel in Monsters University, which was just as beloved, as per a review from The Verge. The THR report now confirms that the spin-off, Monsters At Work, will be set six months after the events of Monsters Inc., featuring a new employee at the factory who dreams of harvesting children’s laughter, alongside his role models, Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman).

The report also confirms that most of the original voice cast, such as John Ratzenberger, Jennifer Tilly, and Bob Peterson, will be returning for the spin-off. Joining them will be newcomers as well such as Ben Feldman (Silicon Valley), as the factory employee who idolizes Mike and Sulley, Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Henry Winkler (Barry), and Aisha Tyler (Archer), presumably as other workers in the factory, and the series regulars.

While curiosity now lies in what kind of monsters the new characters will be depicted as the series is definitely another intriguing addition to the Disney+ service.

Monsters At Work may premiere with the Disney+ streaming app in 2020.

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