Sarah Hyland Shares Adorable Throwback Photo With The Ageless Paul Rudd

Sarah Hyland and Paul Rudd starred on-screen together for 1998’s The Object of My Affection, and Hyland recently shared the most adorable, behind-the-scenes throwback shot of the costars on set. Hyland took to Instagram to share the snap of herself, Rudd, and Hyland’s younger brother, Ian. Fans went wild for the retro shot.

Hyland wore a prairie-style dress in a purple floral pattern, and was all smiles for the photo. She stood next to her costar, Rudd, who put his arm around her. Her naturally curly hair was in its glory, with ringlets sprouting every which way as she gave a toothy grin to the camera. Hyland’s brother, Ian, sprawled himself across Rudd’s lap, beaming from ear-to-ear. Rudd, who surprisingly turned 50 this week, looked dapper in business casual attire — including a very ’90s forest-green jacket over a flannel button-down. The actor gave a closed-lip grin as he posed alongside the two youngsters.

Hyland starred as Molly in The Object of My Affection, which centered around Jennifer Aniston’s character of Nina Borowski. Nina falls in love with her gay best friend, George Hanson, played by Rudd. In the flick, the two become roommates and begin taking ballroom dancing lessons together, often watching their favorite movies in one another’s company. As Nina’s affection for George begins to grow, she finds out she is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child.

After some conflict, the duo decides to raise Nina’s child together — along with their new partners. In a flash-forward scene, Hylan’s Molly refers to Rudd’s character as “Uncle George” — and holds his hand as the two stroll down the street — right before the ending credits.

As Yahoo! shared, this role was one of Hyland’s first, and more memorable — mostly because she had a major crush on Rudd after seeing him in Clueless.

“I was dying inside when I first met him. I ran into Paul a couple years ago and he was like, ‘Hey! You’re so big!’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I have boobs now,'” Hyland shared.

Unfortunately, Rudd is remaining mum on what sort of sorcery he uses to remain so youthful looking. As Allure shared, the actor joined his Clueless castmates for an appearance at Comic-Con in Chicago, and both the audience and his costars were floored at how unchanged Rudd appeared. They hounded him for his secrets as to how he manages to still look like his Clueless character, Josh.

“I’m 80 years old on the inside. In here, pure darkness. And a little moisturizer,” he said.

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