‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Felicia, Laura, And Ava Plan To Pursue Ryan On Their Own Terms

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Tuesday, April 9, tease that viewers will get to see some powerful scenes involving an impressive trifecta of cast members. Ava, Laura, and Felicia will meet up and discuss their thoughts on the Ryan situation and it looks like they may come up with a plan together.

Ava suspects that Ryan is still alive, despite his right hand having been found, and she isn’t the only one who suspects that things are not truly over in terms of Ryan’s reign of terror. Ava desperately wants to face off against Ryan to get justice for what he did to Kiki, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll be open to working with others to make this happen.

Laura has her own reasons for wanting to ensure the truth about Ryan’s current status is revealed, and of course, Felicia has a long history with the psychotic twin of Kevin’s. General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode share that the three women will meet up and it looks like Felicia will propose a plan of sorts.

Jordan had cautioned people that Margaux might close the investigation into Ryan’s disappearance, and the latest spoilers for General Hospital detail that this is exactly the path Margaux will take. Jordan isn’t necessarily happy about it, and but barring any new developments, there isn’t much she can do about it.

Felicia, Ava, and Laura won’t feel settled by this development, and they will talk about taking things into their own hands. Felicia will propose that they lure Ryan back to Port Charles in their own way and on their own timetable and it seems likely that Ava and Laura will be open to pursuing this idea.

Right now, it isn’t known for certain that Ryan is still alive. However, it seems likely that he probably is and that Ava will get her chance to confront him. However, these women would be wise to make sure they don’t underestimate him.

Unfortunately, the current General Hospital spoilers available via SheKnows Soaps don’t reveal anything too tantalizing about what comes next with this plan. This week focuses heavily on Shiloh, Kristina, and Dawn of Day, but there are teases noting that next week, Ava will ask Scott for help and find herself rejected in some way.

What will Felicia come up with as a plan to lure Ryan back to Port Charles, and will Ava and Laura get behind her ideas? It seems likely that the women will need to pursue this pretty quietly if they do move forward, as their loved ones like Julian, Mac, and Kevin would surely try to talk them out of anything involving getting close to Ryan again.

This could get pretty juicy and intense in the days ahead, and additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon regarding what comes next.