New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Film Clip Seemingly Confirms Time Travel Theory

Avengers: Endgame could be the most highly anticipated movie of the year. Every single piece of marketing released for the movie provides clues to its storyline. With less than three weeks remaining, the theories are many and very well thought out, as The Inquisitr previously reported. The latest clip released by Marvel Entertainment, on their official YouTube channel, seems to confirm one of the time travel theories currently out there.

While there are many time travel theories out there, as seen on Esquire, one of the theories surrounding Avengers: Endgame posits that the Avengers take advantage of the Infinity Stones themselves, to travel back in time and correct mistakes they made in their fight against Thanos. With hindsight being 20/20, the team can identify key moments that led to Thanos’ victory in Avengers: Infinity War. Many of the trailers and clips released show many inconsistencies in hairstyles for some characters, as The Inquisitr discussed, as well as different costumes, all of which leads to many different theories where time travel plays a part.

With the newest Avengers: Endgame clip, which features just one scene with most of the major characters in a discussion, the topic of their conversation seems to confirm that time travel is definitely on the table and may play a crucial role in defeating Thanos, using his very own Infinity Stones.

This clip may actually be the first piece of footage released from Avengers: Endgame that hasn’t been edited together and doesn’t feature a montage of various sequences, making it difficult to determine their chronology in the film. This clip is one scene, possibly in Avengers HQ, that sees Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), Black Widow (Scarlett Johannsen), Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) planning to defeat Thanos.

The conversation begins when Widow confirms that Thanos has used the Infinity Stones again, by looking at some kind of a map. This also confirms another long-standing point of contention whether the Stones were destroyed after the snap, or are still even in Thanos’ possession or not, as discussed by IGN. With confirmation in hand, the team plans to use the Stones against Thanos. Banner inquires how they can know that “it will end any differently than before.” This is key, as it seems to imply that the plan involves some sort of going back or a repeat of something that’s already happened.

Even Captain Marvel’s assertion that “before you didn’t have me” seems to confirm the implication that the Avengers might be planning to go back in time, and take another shot at foiling Thanos’ plans. Marvel also suggests using the Stones to “bring them, everyone, back,” confirming that the Stones will undoubtedly be the objects to save everyone.

All this speculation will finally come to an end when Avengers: Endgame releases April 26.

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