Kyle Richards Reacts To Not Being Invited To The Opening Of Lisa Vanderpump’s New Las Vegas Restaurant

Charles SykesBravo

Was Kyle Richards bummed out by Lisa Vanderpump’s decision against inviting her and her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars to the recent opening of her new restaurant in Las Vegas, the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden?

During an interview with All About the Real Housewives on April 6, Richards reacted to the snub and also shared her thoughts about the controversy surrounding her “Goodbye Kyle” video on Instagram, which prompted the “Goodbye Kyle” challenge.

“I do not think it was odd that we weren’t invited,” Richards said.

While opening her new restaurant in Las Vegas, Vanderpump was joined by part-time Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer and former cast member Joyce Giraud. She was also busy filming scenes for upcoming episodes of Season 9, which Richards said was no surprise.

As for the rumors suggesting Richards and the rest of the cast would ostracize Grammer for attending Vanderpump’s event, Richards said there was absolutely no truth to that at all. In fact, she hadn’t even heard the odd rumor.

In other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills news, Richards recently caught backlash online after sharing a video of herself poking fun at an argument she had with Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, outside of their West Hollywood eatery, SUR Restaurant, where Vanderpump Rules is filmed. As All About the Real Housewives explained to readers, fans suggested her clip wasn’t funny and took direct aim at Vanderpump’s partner.

In response to the controversy, Richards told the outlet that if the roles were reversed and it was she who was being made fun of in front of her business, she “would laugh.”

Richards and Vanderpump were friends for many years but when it comes to the future of their relationship, the women don’t appear to be anywhere close to a reconciliation. In fact, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week, Vanderpump slammed Richards and her co-stars for ganging up on her.

“I felt that once somebody says, I swear on my children’s life, as you saw [in the fight], I would never question that, I just wouldn’t,” Vanderpump explained. “So, for me, unless the dynamic changed radically, I don’t want people in my life that question me,” she added.

“I was searching for happiness at that time in my life, and I certainly didn’t find it with them,” she added.

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