Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Willow Opens Up To Michael And Sonny Solicits Help From Neil

Craig SjodinABC

Teacher Willow Tait has been desperate to figure out how to handle being in the same town as Shiloh Archer, and a confrontation that played out during Monday’s show left her feeling quite rattled. She has opened up to Harrison Chase about how she got pregnant by Shiloh — and placed the baby for adoption — and General Hospital spoilers reveal that she soon may confide in Michael Corinthos as well.

Shiloh showed up at Willow’s school during the April 8 episode and revealed Willow’s real name, seemingly Callie Miller. He said that he had something to return to her, and some fans had wondered if he might pull out the other half of Nina’s necklace — an item that many suspect Willow has somewhere. However, it was a photo that Shiloh revealed, not the necklace.

Chase warned Shiloh off, and Willow made it clear that she does not feel safe with Shiloh in town. The preview shared at the end of Monday’s episode showed that during Tuesday’s show, she will meet with Michael — and it looks like she will share some essential information with him.

Willow first found out about Shiloh being in Port Charles as Michael mentioned Kristina’s Dawn of Day involvement to Chase. During Tuesday’s show, Willow will talk with Michael, and will warn him that Kristina is in more trouble than anybody realizes.

SheKnows Soaps teases that all of this drama related to Willow will continue to shake things up for a while. General Hospital spoilers share that Michael will feel rattled by this conversation with Willow, and soon he will reach out to Chase for help.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers detail that soon Michael will put two and two together. Viewers will not see this happen until next Monday’s show, but it sounds as if Michael may figure out that Willow got pregnant by Shiloh — and placed the baby for adoption with Brad and Lucas.

Of course, viewers know that there’s a lot more to this baby situation than that. At this point, General Hospital spoilers hint that it’s going to take a while yet for Willow, Michael, Lucas, and others to learn that “Wiley” is really Jonah — and that Willow’s baby died right after he was placed for adoption.

As Willow reaches out to Michael — and Sam hides in the attic to check out this initiation ceremony for Dawn of Day — Sonny will pursue a different track. Alexis’ therapist, Neil, told her to proceed carefully in trying to pull Kristina away from DoD, but Sonny has called Neil to his office. He seems to think that he can utilize Neil in some way to intervene.

General Hospital spoilers note that Neil will urge caution, so perhaps he will give Sonny advice similar to what he told Alexis. Jason is going to need to act quickly in some sense, and things will start to move forward at the Dawn of Day house.

How far will things go with Kristina’s anticipated Dawn of Day initiation? What comes next for Willow? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get wild in the days ahead, and viewers won’t want to miss what comes next.