Jack Swagger Arrested For DUI, Gets Pulled From Weekend WWE Events

Jack Swagger will have to wait until his court date to find out his legal punishment regarding his recent DUI arrest but the WWE wrestler has already seen some professional consequences for his actions. The WWE has pulled Swagger from this weekend’s wrestling events.

The Wrestle Zone reports that Swagger will not wrestle this weekend.There are also rumors that Swagger could be pulled from Wrestlemania 29. He is still scheduled, however, to fight on Raw next week and to tape Smackdown on Tuesday.

Swagger, real name Donald Jacob “Jake” Hager Jr., was arrested earlier this week in Gulfport, Mississippi after taping an episode of WWE SmackDown. Hager was charged with speeding, a DUI, and possession of marijuana.

The Asheville Citizen reports that Swagger faces monetary fines (about $1000) for his first DUI offense and he could also lose his driver’s license for 90 days.

The real monetary hit will come if the WWE decides to pull Swagger from WrestleMania 29. Swagger was scheduled to win the World Heavyweight Title from Alberto Del Rio, according to Wrestle Chat, but that may change now that he has been arrested for a DUI.

The wrestling site reports that if Swagger gets pulled from WrestleMania 29 the DUI arrest would end up costing him about $250,000.