Past Interview With Spice Girl Mel B Surfaces Where She Denies Being Intimate With Geri Halliwell

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After controversially alleging to a past lesbian fling with former Spice Girls bandmate Geri Halliwell, an interview from 2000 has surfaced in which the singer denied they had ever been together, reports the Daily Mail.

The interview has Mel B, aka Melanie Brown, asserting to The Sun that she and Halliwell had never been intimate. She also admitted to kissing all the members of the group.

Mel B was asked if she had ever slept with Halliwell.

“Sexual partners, you mean? Nah. We were the best of mates for a long time. But we never had sex.”

She also recalled an incident where she proceeded to kiss her other group members after getting a tongue piercing.

“Well, the first thing I did after getting it pierced was snog the other Spice Girls, I wanted to know what it felt like to have a snog from a woman with a pierced tongue.

They said it felt all right, they were all good, they all blended into one, I couldn’t say that anyone really stood out.”

This comes to light following the news that a worldwide tour had been scrapped, due to tensions in the group stemming from Mel B’s recent exposé.

The Spice Girls were apparently arranging gigs in America, Australia and the far east following the end of the United Kingdom tour.

Sources told the Daily Mail it had been a “hugely dramatic week” with the group preparing to cancel the entire tour at one point.

The insider said the ladies had originally agreed to do the British dates for their fans and because of the contract, with “plans to keep it going.” But currently, there are no plans for more.

According to the Evening Standard, a representative for the group said these claims were “inaccurate and factually untrue.”

Fellow Spice Girls Mel C and Emma Bunton have reportedly tried to keep the peace between Mel B and Halliwell in the ensuing fallout.

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Grazia is reporting that the two attempted to keep things calm during tour rehearsals but are “prepared for more epic rows.”

Recent reports claim that Mel B is baffled by Halliwell’s public denial of their history together, with sources stating that they are unable to stand being in the same room.

Mel B is reportedly unhappy she is being “made to look like a liar” after her bandmate released a statement denying all rumors of them having slept together.

In the statement, Halliwell asserted that she loved all four of the Spice Girls, and she was eager to reunite for their upcoming performances.

Mel B initially professed to her intimate encounter with Halliwell during an episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

After being grilled by Morgan for specifics, Mel B finally admitted to a passionate entanglement between the two, proclaiming that Halliwell would hate her for the revelation due to her new “posh” life with her husband, Formula 1 team boss Christian Horner.