Viral Photo Of Skillet In Dishwasher Horrifies Twitter

Justin Sullivan Getty Images

A message was posted to Twitter Saturday morning by user @recan_t (display named “Ben”) with a photo of a dirty-looking cast iron skillet sitting in a dishwasher. Along with it was a message:

“My gf’s skillet was looking kind of greasy so i went ahead and put it in the dishwasher for her. honestly one of my favorite parts of dating is doing little things like this for her.”

The replies, needless to say, were horrified, from those seemingly aware that skillets don’t go in dishwashers, or from those critical of the sort of boyfriend who demands credit and praise for accomplishment of mundane household tasks.

“So…how you doing finding a new girlfriend?,” one user replied. Others asked how he was adjusting to the single life, or whether he had caught said skillet to the face. Others still shared stories about family members or former significant others making the same mistake in the past.

“Make sure you wash her good knives the same way,” another said, while another suggested the user try tossing leather coats in the laundry.

Another suggested that the original poster had screwed up so badly that “you’ll never be asked to help do the dishes again. genius.”

“I’m praying this is a troll,” journalist Yashar Ali, the same man who set Twitter abuzz weeks ago with his opinions about the proper number of towels households should own, said. “Otherwise I’m gonna pass out.”

Luckily, Mr. Ali won’t have to pass out. That’s because the user who tweeted the image appeared to admit in the replies that the message wasn’t posted in earnest.

“People are sending me death threats for it,” he said at one point. “It’s awesome.”

The post, as of Sunday night, had over 2,600 replies as well as 2,100 retweets and 14,000 likes.

In a list published last year, included cast-iron skillets as one of 13 things you should never put in a dishwasher, along with vintage plates, kitchen knives, anything made of wood, copper pans, and baking mats.

Putting such items in the dishwasher can result in rusting, as well as washing away essential elements of the product. Readers are instead advised to wash their skillets by hand, with soap and water. Most skillets are also too big for dishwashers, and may pose a danger to the appliance if washed in them.

There are, however, some skillets that are advertised as dishwasher-safe, from Cuisinart and other brands.