'Mortal Kombat' Creator Wants To Make A Marvel Or Marvel Vs. DC Fighting Game

In just a few weeks, Mortal Kombat 11 will be released, and the world will be able to continue enjoying their favorite fighting series. The brutal and bloody franchise has been successful for decades, and co-creator Ed Boon knows what the fans like. That's why gamers are sitting up and listening, now that he has admitted he'd like to create a Marvel fighting game -- or one that pits Marvel characters up against those in the DC Universe.

For months, Ed Boon has revealed new and old characters, gameplay footage, and more from Mortal Kombat 11. With the game's release inching ever closer, he sat down to speak with Game Informer, and he certainly revealed some things that most fans thought they would never hear.

Boon is also the director for the Injustice franchise, which essentially takes the Mortal Kombat framework and incorporates DC Comics characters. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Joker, and many others destroy one another in different arenas and offer up justice in bloody fashion.

Of course, fans of Marvel Comics would love to see some of those characters step into an arena and take on other favorites. Sure, the Marvel vs. Capcom series reigned supreme in the past, but in recent years, the series has not reached the level of what is seen in Injustice and Mortal Kombat.

Ed Boon couldn't say a lot, but he did give a lot of hope to fans without giving away too much else.

During the interview, Boon revealed that he has already had a meeting with Marvel about developing a fighting game filled with characters from its universe. When asked specifically about whether he met with Marvel or not, Boon was very excited about the topic but knew he couldn't give away too much.
"I did. But I probably shouldn't talk about it."
Upon hearing this news, Game Informer wanted to get as much as they could from Boon, and so, they pushed. Next, Boon was asked if he was excited with the idea of making a Marvel fighting game and that was when he took it a step further than anyone thought he would.
"Oh God, yes. We (NetherRealm Studios) would love to make like a Marvel fighting game. Or Marvel vs. DC, I think would be the coolest."
While this would be an incredibly awesome idea, a lot of moving pieces would need to fall into place for it to become a reality. NetherRealm is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. which means acquiring the rights for DC characters is more than possible. If there is going to be a crossover game, Marvel and Disney would need to be willing to agree to that partnership, but it is obvious that Ed Boon is definitely on board.