Thomas Markle Reportedly ‘Bitterly Upset’ He May Never Meet Meghan’s Royal Baby

Chris JacksonGetty Images

The tensions between Meghan Markle and her father, Thomas, have played out in an excruciatingly painful and public manner since the royal wedding. The dad gave numerous interviews to various media outlets over the months, revealing private information about his famous daughter. Most recently, he publicly released a letter that Meghan had written him in the wake of the paparazzi scandal. Considering how the duchess has been firm in her decision to keep a distance from her father as long as he continues to speak to the media, it was a bold and questionable move for Thomas.

Now, a source reveals how Thomas is feeling in the weeks, or perhaps days, leading up to the birth of his grandchild.

“He is still clinging to the hope his daughter will call him at some stage to share her happiness.”

But that’s not to say that the dad is unaware of the state of affairs.

“Sadly, he seriously doubts that will happen because of all the bad blood between Meghan and almost all her relatives, including him. But he says he isn’t giving up hope they can reconcile, with the baby’s arrival marking a new chapter in all their lives,” an insider noted.

Markle apparently didn’t even know about the new Instagram page that was created for Prince Harry and Meghan. Considering that he doesn’t think anyone will give him a special heads-up about the birth of the child, it sounds like Thomas will be keeping an eye on the social media page along with the rest of the world.

It also sounds like Thomas is waiting to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl before finding a gift to send to the royal couple.

“He even joked that the new arrival was likely to be showered with expensive baby items from Tiffany……with a little ‘Welcome to Tijuana’ t-shirt from him in the middle.”

For now, it doesn’t seem like there’s much for Thomas to do. It would seem like the best thing is to stay away from the media and avoid any more publicity. Unfortunately, his children won’t be shying away from the limelight. His son, Thomas Jr., is going to be featured in a celebrity boxing match in the coming months. And his daughter, Samantha, is due to publish a tell-all book on Meghan.

Meanwhile, royal fans are waiting with bated breath to hear news of the baby. Meghan is expected to give birth toward the end of this month, or early May.