Rob Gronkowski Racks Up $9000 Tab

Remember Rob Gonkowski’s drunken shirtless binge in Las Vegas after the Super Bowl? Well, it turns out that those photos were taken in the middle of racking up a $9000 tab.

Gronkowski, who sarcastically apologized to his fans by wearing a “sorry for partying shirt,” spent $9,615 at the Las Vegas nightclub XS after the Super Bowl.

According to the Daily Mail, Gronkowski spent $1,595 on a magnum bottle of Perrier-Jouer brut and three bottles of Grey Goose vodka running at more than $500 a bottles.

Gronk was also very generous when it came to the tip. According to Deadspin, Gronkowski left the waitress $1400.

Partying after the Super Bowl isn’t typically a big deal. And a player making $54 million spending a couple thousand at a nightclub really isn’t much of story.

But in the case of Gronkowski, who hasn’t been playing since breaking his forearm last year, many fans believe that he should ease off on the partying to make sure he doesn’t re-injure himself.

Of course, Gronkowsk’s partying ways probably aren’t going to stop.

gronkowski sorry for partying

Do you have a problem with Rob Gronkowski partying? What do you think of his $9000 tab?