YouTuber Slammed For Saying Women Prefer Hugs To Handshakes Due To Their 'Delicate' Hands

Paul Ray Ramsey, a YouTuber from Oklahoma, shared his opinions on greeting women, suggesting it is better for men to hug women rather than shake their hands because they are "delicate."

The Daily Mail says that Ramsey, 56, shared on Twitter that it's "patronizing" for men to shake hands with women, as it is a practice "designed by and for men." He stated that most women are happier to hug in such situations.

Many people responded, calling Ramsey names ranging from "moron" to "idiot."

But the YouTuber continued, saying that an offer to shake a woman's hand was in some ways disrespectful.

"Shaking hands with a woman is like shaking hands with a child. It seems artificial and vaguely patronizing. The handshake was designed as a greeting between men to show that your sword hand was empty."
One Twitter user said that things change, and people need to adapt, saying that October used to be the eighth month of the year in medieval times, but not anymore.
"It's not 1543 anymore my man, you're gonna need to deal with that somehow."
Others suggested that they would prefer to greet Ramsey in other ways, like perhaps with a slap rather than a hug.
Many people tried to explain that particularly in a business setting, hugs are not appropriate, and it's difficult to show proper respect when you don't look someone in the eye when you shake their hand.

But Ramsey doubled down, saying that it is awkward for a man to shake a woman's hand, as many "girls" have little delicate hands.

The YouTuber said that he suggests that men simply nod to women instead of shaking hands.

"Do not extend your hand. Simply nod. If she extends her hand for a handshake, shake her hand."
He went on to say that if a woman extends her hand with the palm facing the ground, briefly clasp it, and if the occasion is informal, go for a hug, adding in Europe, you can also add a kiss.

The Mirror says that Ramsey, who has nearly 60,000 YouTube followers, is a self-styled etiquette expert. He talked at length about the history of shaking hands, saying that when a man grasped another man's hand, you could see if he had a knife or another weapon up his sleeve.

He said that no matter what people see on shows like Game of Thrones, "99% of soldiers throughout history were men," so shaking hands with women is not the custom.