Daily Dose Of 'General Hospital' For Friday: Ryan Has Been Found, But He's Still Missing

Another week has gone by on General Hospital with plenty of heartbreak and drama. Dante has left, Nina is on the warpath, and Kevin only has one friend who stands by him.

On Friday's General Hospital, Finn met Chase at the gym to work out. They chat about the women in their lives. Finn shows Chase the engagement ring that he has for Anna. Chase is happy for his big brother. Finn will soon have a question to ask Anna, according to SheKnows Soaps.

Anna and Maxie are having some girl talk at The Floating Rib when Peter walks in. Anna wants to know what's going on between Maxie and her son. Maxie says nothing since Peter doesn't seem to want anything more than friendship.

Peter chats it up with Chet, who wants to know if he has a chance with Maxie. Peter tells him to ask her and that's exactly what Chet does. Peter gets some advice from Anna about Maxie as well. Peter approaches Maxie later on and she informs him that Chet asked her out. However, she turned him down because she has feelings for someone else.

Laura comforts Lulu. She told her that she should leave town for a while to give her some time to regroup. Lulu is worried about leaving her mom right now, but Laura assures her that she needs to take care of herself. She offers Lulu her flat in Paris.

Nina and Valentin met with principal Schultz and a union rep. They want Willow fired for bullying Charlotte, but the principal told them that he couldn't do that with only one set of parents who have a problem with her. Willow apologizes to them, but Valentin told her that her apology is not accepted. He warns her that she better not single out his daughter again, or else.

Also on Friday's General Hospital, Jordan informed Ava and Julian that they found Ryan. Well, sort of. They recovered his hand only, not the rest of him. Jordan is afraid that Margaux will close the case assuming that Ryan is dead. After Jordan leaves, Ava tells Julian that she wants Ryan alive so she can kill him. She also reveals her regrets concerning Kiki.

Kevin is frustrated trying to get his life back. Lucy shows up and offers him some comforting words, and a place to live. He accepts.

Jordan tells Laura about Ryan's hand being found. She also informs her that Margaux knows that she posted bail for Kevin. Laura isn't too worried about that since he is still her husband, but Jordan thinks that the DA will be going after Kevin if she thinks Ryan is dead.

Lulu called a meeting with Nina and Valentin letting them know that she will be out of the country for a bit. Nina looked pleased about that. Lulu informed them that they will probably miss her because her mother would be taking over Charlotte's schedule while she is gone. That didn't go over well with Valentin.

On Monday's General Hospital, Peter and Maxie may be ready for romance, Shiloh pays a visit to Willow, and Sam wants to know what Kristina has going on.