Dina Lohan Could Soon Be Engaged To Boyfriend She Has Never Met, Per ‘Radar Online’

Dina Lohan, mom of Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan, could soon be engaged to a man she has yet to meet in person. The 56-year old has sparked up an online relationship with a man named Jesse Nadler, who shared with Radar Online that he’s got plans to marry Lohan, and a stunning ring to make it official.

Nadler, who has been exclusively dating Lohan online for five years, has been offered a ring by his mother to give to Lohan. Nadler hopes that the five-carat ring will not only please his lady-love but her daughter as well. If it doesn’t, he’s got a backup plan to employ a jeweler to make something custom for Lohan, as he just wants to make her happy with the bauble.

“I have a jeweler I’ve been talking to and I’ve seen a few stones that I’ve sent to Dina. So she’s totally aware. I want her to love the stone and we can design the setting. I only want her to be happy and to know my intentions are true,” Nadler told Radar.

Though the couple has yet to meet each other face to face, Nadler also shared with Radar that he has acquired an iPhone and has been able to FaceTime Lohan. He revealed that they talk to each other every day and that their relationship is strong. He said that when they do finally see each other in person, he has plans to take the relationship to the next level quite quickly.

“When I see her, I’m gonna throw her over my shoulder like a fireman and take her to bed in the condo,” he said.

When explaining their relationship to her Celebrity Big Brother castmates, Lohan shared that she felt like she had known Nadler forever, despite only ever having spoken to him on the phone. Though she was met with some weary looks by her castmates, she swore up and down that what they have is real, and that she has even spoken to his mother on the phone. She also added that she sees a future with Nadler and that she knows it sounds absurd but that she loves him, and their bond is “personal” to her.

If they do tie the knot, this will be the second marriage for Lohan and Nadler’s third. One of his previous wives filed a restraining order against the San Fransisco native, citing “domestic violence prevention,” as Radar further shared.

Nadler plans to travel to Long Island to officially meet who he hopes will be his future bride sometime in August. He shared that he has been unable to travel recently, as he takes care of his mother.

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