Victoria’s Secret Model Josephine Skriver Shows Off Toned Abs, Legs In Tiny Purple Dress

Josephine Skriver is taking a little time off from her busy modeling schedule to vacation in Costa Rica.

Over the past few days, the 25-year-old has been sharing some glimpses of her tropical getaway with fans as she has been enjoying her time there, hitting the beach on occasion and even taking a few swings on the golf course. And earlier today, the brown-haired beauty wowed fans once again, this time in a gorgeous purple dress.

In the image, Skriver does a little bit of a spin for the camera as her dress twirls in the air. The supermodel is surrounded by palm trees and beautiful flowers. The supermodel shows off her incredible body in a light purple dress that has a cutout in the middle, perfectly showcasing her abs for the camera. Also on display are Skriver’s long and lean legs that helped to make her famous in the first place.

And it certainly comes as no shock that Skriver’s 5 million-plus Instagram followers are giving the beautiful snapshot a ton of attention. Within just hours of going live, the photo has already earned the model 135,000 likes in addition to 500-plus comments. Some fans took to the post to gush over how amazing she looks in the image while countless others commented on the post to ask her where she got her dress.

“Where is that dress from?” one follower asked.

“Perfect setting, perfect dress, perfect you.”


As mentioned before, a few days prior to this photo was one of Skriver golfing with the gorgeous Costa Rican landscape in the background. The model shared a few photos and videos to her Instagram account and admitted that she has started to love golfing, especially after playing a few holes on vacation.

“Tried golf for the first time and think I found my new hobby. Would love any tips on how to get better,” she wrote.

Of course, that post earned the model a ton of attention with over 181,000 likes in addition to 1,000-plus comments. Of course, most of her followers took to the post to give her some tips to improve her golf game with many people even telling her that she looks like a natural.

“Turn the club head in a bit more, keep the club about 1/2in behind the ball, keep your eye on the ball and follow thru with a solid swing,” one follower suggested. “You will be surprised how a Solid swing vs Power swing usually ends up with similar distance but the Solid swing offers accuracy…Good Luck!”

Fans can only wonder if they will be treated to more golf photos in the near future.

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