‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Maxie Faces Questions From Anna As Chet Digs For Scoop From Peter

Craig SjodinABC

Viewers will be seeing more of Maxie and Peter dancing around their feelings for one another during Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that both Maxie and Peter will face some questions about their relationship status, and this will seemingly fluster both of them to a degree.

Peter and Maxie have been growing closer and closer over the past few months. She has tried to face her conflicted feelings about the idea of moving on after losing Nathan, and she and Peter have talked about going on an actual date. However, up to this point, they continue to hesitate and act a bit awkward around one another.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Maxie will continue to struggle over her feelings during the April 5 show. In fact, General Hospital spoilers via the sneak peek for Friday’s episode suggest that she’ll stumble as Anna flat-out asks her what’s going on between Maxie and Peter.

As Maxie tries to decide how to answer that question, Peter will face some questions too. In this case, the questions from Chet, who seems to be trying to figure out if Maxie might be ready to start dating again. Chet and Maxie have shared some sweet moments together since Nathan’s death and it looks like he’s crushing on her a bit.

Chet seemingly is oblivious to the fact that Peter and Maxie are sort-of tinkering with the idea of dating, and this might ruffle Peter’s feathers a bit. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Anna will soon give Peter some advice, and it may be related to the idea of trying to transition his connection with Maxie into a romance.

General Hospital fans have been pretty divided over the idea of Maxie and Peter having a full-fledged romance. However, it also seems relatively unlikely that the writers would go with Chet as a long-term mate for Maxie, given how rarely he appears on the show. Spoilers also suggest that Lulu may open up to the idea of moving on in a new romance not too far down the road, and some might say Peter could be a contender for her too.

Should Maxie and Peter throw caution to the wind and try actually dating or are they better off just as friends? General Hospital spoilers tease that these two may have to make a more solid decision one way or the other soon, and viewers will be curious to see what comes next for this pairing.