Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nina Makes A Demand As She Pushes For Willow To Be Fired

Michael YadaABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers hint that Friday’s episode could be a doozy. Lulu, Laura, and Ava are all struggling, Oscar is in a coma, and Maxie is uncertain of her feelings for Peter. There is more with those characters on the way, but the latest sneak peek shares that viewers will also see Nina going all-out to destroy Willow during the April 5 show, as well.

Willow apologized after the dust-up she had with Nina and Valentin, but that hasn’t resolved the tension among them. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek at the end of Thursday’s show reveal that Nina will take a big step in trying to put an end to this problematic relationship, but it may just cause more drama.

Nina and Valentin will head to the school and it looks as if they’ll perhaps talk with the head of the school in Willow’s classroom. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nina will demand that Willow be fired, and this will surely ruffle the teacher’s feathers as she seems to be present for this conversation.

Of course, Willow knows that she went too far when she tore into Nina and Valentin and she only did it because she was stressed and thought she was leaving the school. Now, even with Nina and Valentin pushing to move Charlotte into the “High Achievers” program, it seems they will think Willow needs to be gone from the school entirely.

SheKnows Soaps says that Willow will be put on notice during Friday’s episode. This would seem to suggest that Willow keeps her job, but perhaps barely. She may be warned that she needs to keep her temper under control and given her usual calm demeanor, she’ll surely agree to a stipulation like this.

Viewers feel pretty certain that this won’t be the end of the drama involving Willow and Nina though. It’s become pretty clear that the writers intend to make Willow Nina’s true biological daughter, although recent developments have left everybody unsure of what will come next.

As The Inquisitr has detailed, actress Michelle Stafford is leaving General Hospital soon. She is returning to The Young and the Restless to play Phyllis again, and at this point, it’s not known whether the show will bring in a recast for Nina or not.

If the General Hospital writers plan to write out Nina entirely, it would seem likely that this mother-daughter storyline will be ditched. However, there has been buzz suggesting that the writers are pushing forward, so perhaps someone new will soon step into the role.

How intense will this conversation get during Friday’s show and what comes for this trio next? General Hospital spoilers hint that it could get fairly heated, and set the stage for more fireworks not too far down the road.