‘Avengers: Endgame’ Star Danai Gurira Shows Off Incredible Bikini Body For ‘Shape’ Photo Shoot

Danai Gurira is in superhero shape, and showed off her ripped physique in a new photo shoot for Shape magazine.

The 41-year-old actress will appear in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, and gave fans a glimpse of the amazing figure she’ll be showing off on the big screen. Gurira posed in a bikini for the magazine and discussed how she stays in such great shape, which takes some round-the-clock attention.

Gurira revealed that her demanding on-screen roles, including her iconic part in The Walking Dead, means she has to stay in equally great shape. The actress explained that she carves time out of her busy schedule for intensive workouts, sometimes even giving a phone call to personal trainer A.J. Fisher to lead her through 90-minute workouts.

“I call her the MacGyver of trainers because she can create an elaborate course in your living room with just a coffee table and a couple of resistance bands,” Gurira told Shape. “She mixes things up—it’s never the same workout, so your body can’t get used to it. She uses methods I was already connected to, like the Alexander technique, yoga, and Pilates, and incorporates them into a very rigorous workout that enables me to strengthen and become more holistically stronger.”

Danai Gurira said that she pairs the intensive workouts with an equally strict diet, avoiding all dairy and eating mostly fish and vegetables. The diet may seem odd — Gurira said she’s known to grab some salmon first thing in the morning — but that it has helped her to have more energy. With a schedule as busy as hers has become, that is an important boost.

Gurira also said she’s not beholden to the diet all the time, and enjoys some indulgences like french fries. She also acknowledged that her travel schedule means eating healthy isn’t always an option, so sometimes she has to eat whatever the best option is on her flight. But she also plans ahead whenever she can, including keeping plenty of healthy and power-packed snacks on hand like bananas and almonds.

Fitness isn’t the only important thing to the actress. Danai Gurira has also used her platform to help others, serving as a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador and founding the organization Love Our Girls, which brings awareness to social issues impacting women and girls across the globe.

Those who want to see Danai Gurira’s full photo shoot can check it out at Shape.

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