Reality Steve Teases Hannah Brown 'Bachelorette' Spoilers, Details Guys Left & Current Frontrunner

Hannah Brown is looking for love as ABC's The Bachelorette star and spoilers suggest that she might be well on her way to finding it. Filming won't wrap for a few weeks yet, but spoiler guru Reality Steve is already dishing out plenty of tantalizing tidbits about what's gone down during the dates that have happened so far. In his latest blog post, he confirmed some teasers that had already emerged and added some insight into where things stand now.

As The Inquisitr detailed earlier, Hannah is currently in Scotland to film her dates for Episode 5. The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that 12 men remain at this point, with three having been eliminated at the rose ceremony in Rhode Island for Episode 4.

Reality Steve detailed that the three guys who were eliminated in Episode 4 all hopped back onto their social media pages quickly, so it wasn't tough to pin down the remaining dozen suitors of Brown's. It seems that John Paul Jones, Matteo Valles, and Luke Stone all ended their Bachelorette experiences with Hannah during their time in Rhode Island.

At this point, Reality Steve's Bachelorette spoilers haven't drilled down into the specifics about that last round of eliminations beyond that. However, it seems that Luke may have chosen on his own to leave rather than wait for Hannah to cut him.

That tantalizing tidbit comes via the Instagram account @themostdramaticseasonever, which is collaborating with @bachelor.spoilers to uncover all the spoilers they can before they emerge via Reality Steve or other avenues.

Reality Steve's spoilers detail that Hannah has already had a one-on-one in Scotland, and while in Rhode Island she had individual dates with Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt. The Inquisitr has noted that Hannah seems especially smitten with Luke Parker, and at this point, Reality Steve calls him a serious contender for Brown's final rose.

"Still plenty of time left, anything can happen still, but I'm hearing there's a better than good chance he's going to win... You can basically pencil him in for a hometown and probably at worst, final 2. Usually when I've heard this early about someone being a frontrunner and posted it, that person ended up winning."
Could Luke Parker end up with Hannah Brown's final rose, or will another one of the remaining guys pull ahead over the course of the next few dates? Additional Bachelorette spoilers will emerge over the next few weeks, and fans will get to watch it all play out for themselves when the premiere airs on Monday, May 13.