Britney Spears’ Mom Lynne Seemingly Speaks Out In Support Of Her Daughter As She Seeks Treatment

Earlier this week, news emerged that pop icon Britney Spears has checked into a mental health facility. On Thursday morning, Britney’s mother Lynne shared a post on Instagram that seems to be put together with thoughts of her daughter’s struggles in mind.

As The Inquisitr shared, Britney recently chose to admit herself into a mental health facility for treatment as she works through her worries about her father’s ongoing health challenges. Dad Jamie has been quite ill for months due to a ruptured colon and subsequent complications, and concerns over this led to Britney’s decision to put her Las Vegas residency on hold.

Britney explained to her fans this week via Instagram that she needed to take some “me time” to help take care of her mind, spirit, and body. With this recent social media post, it looks as if mom Lynne has her daughter’s back. Mama Spears didn’t specifically refer to her daughter or add an explanation of any kind with what she shared, but her meaning seemed clear.

Lynne shared a list titled “Keep Going” with a number of bullet points via her Instagram page. The list seemed to be shared with daughter Britney’s struggles in mind, and it contained plenty of good advice for anybody who is struggling through some difficult times.

Fans who follow Lynne loved the inspirational post. Many noted that they are praying for Britney and the entire family and that they are sending their love. Lynne’s post comes on the heels of others in Britney’s inner circle voicing their support for the pop star’s proactive decision to seek help in the midst of these worries and struggles.

The Inquisitr noted previously that Britney’s boyfriend Sam Asghari has made it clear he’s got his gal’s back. In addition, Spears’ little sister Jamie Lynn and even ex-husband Kevin Federline have publicly made it clear they are standing by Britney too.

Of course, Britney’s fans know that she has worked through some significant mental health challenges in the past, and she has leaned heavily on her dad Jamie to hold things together. Although she has seemingly pushed back against her dad’s control at times, she also has been in a much stronger place in recent years in great part due to her father’s continued influence. It comes as little surprise, then, that Jamie’s serious and continued health problems would leave Britney rattled.

There is no doubt that Lynne Spears is determined to support her daughter Britney in whatever way she can right now and is surely proud of the singer’s decision to seek additional and professional support. Fans are rooting for the Spears family as they work through these current challenges, and everybody will be anxious for updates.

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