Meghan Markle Tops Royals For Academic Achievement

For years, Princess Eugenie was regarded as the academically highest achieving royal, with a degree from Newcastle University, but it seems that newcomer Meghan Markle has pushed her out of the way. The royal family has had “mixed” success in school, ranging from bachelor’s degrees to no college at all.

Express says that Princess Eugenie received a 2:1 in English literature, which is an upper second class rating, according to The Document Centre, and considered an honors degree, but Duchess Meghan’s double major in theater and international studies from Northwestern University is thought to be more prestigious.

Markle speaks fluent Spanish, having spent a semester in Spain, and also worked at the American embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of her platforms as the Duchess of Sussex and patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities puts her in a position to advocate for higher education for all who desire it.

“The experience of attending university allows students to graduate into the world with the social skills and intellectual prowess that will set them up for greater success; that happens not simply on a micro level in their own lives, but on a macro level.”

For years, Princess Eugenie was thought to be the academic all-star in the royal family, routinely getting As throughout her schooling and scoring top marks in her A levels. Prince William was no slouch, getting three A levels and a degree in geography from St. Andrews University in Scotland (where he met Kate Middleton, who graduated with a degree in art history), but Prince Harry skipped the university system entirely, opting instead for military service.

Prince Charles was the first modern royal to sit for O level exams, passing six, and attending Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated in 1970 with a 2:2 degree in history. Princess Diana struggled in school, allegedly failing all of her O levels twice.

According to Cheat Sheet, Queen Elizabeth was educated at home by tutors, but does not have an official degree. Her husband, Prince Philip, attended the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth, but “does not have a degree, as such.” It was not common for royals prior to Prince Charles’ generation to seek higher degrees, but it is now considered conventional to attend a university and/or enter military service.

When and if Kate Middleton becomes queen, she will be the first with a bachelor’s degree. But there was another queen who was very educated: Queen Elizabeth I.

“The queen with the broadest education and deepest intellect was probably the brilliant Queen Elizabeth I, who was learning Latin at age 5,” Cheat Sheet reported, as per the Washington Post.

She was said to have spoken six languages fluently.

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