‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan’s Possible Return Has Everyone Freaked Out

The General Hospital previews for Thursday reveal that Ryan Chamberlain has been found. At least that’s how it appears to be. Everyone who was the least bit connected with the serial killer is on edge since his body has not been found after he jumped off the bridge. Now it looks like he may be popping up very soon.

Port Charles was dealt a huge blow when Ryan came back to claim more victims and to terrorize people who were close to his twin brother, Kevin Collins. Early on, Lucy and Laura were both on Ryan’s list, but they got lucky when he decided to let them live. However, he did manage to wreak havoc between Laura and Kevin. Laura has struggled to trust her husband since he kept his brother a secret, which led to him escaping and killing people. On Thursday, Laura and Kevin will talk about their impending divorce. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Laura will be surprised by something. It could have something to do with Ryan or something that Kevin reveals to her.

Thursday’s episode will also see Lulu, who was attacked by Ryan, freaking out about something, or someone. She is seen in the previews grabbing something to use as a weapon looking terrified. She probably feels especially vulnerable now that Dante has left her alone once again. Could Ryan be back to finish what he started?

Then there is Ava Jerome, who has been having nightmares about Ryan coming back for her. Felicia put that thought into her head as she knows exactly what Ryan is capable of. She told Ava that she should watch her back and that has her freaked out. There are also the mysterious phone calls that Ava has been receiving that she was sure that Ryan was calling her.

Now Ava will be having a terrible nightmare that Ryan is back and strangling her. Jordan will eventually show up to let her know that Ryan has been found. But is he dead or alive? That has not been specified just yet.

Joss is also expected to be in some sort of crisis on the bridge. It appears that Oscar has yet another health crisis and possibly falls off the bridge. However, it could be that she spots a body down below the bridge. Maybe Ryan somehow made it back to Port Charles and collapsed. Stranger things have happened before on General Hospital. But considering that Joss is upset on the phone and she was with Oscar at the time, it does seem likely that it would be his health crisis that has her in a panic.

Just the thought of Ryan Chamberlain coming back for revenge has the people of Port Charles on high alert. Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if Jordan has indeed found him and how Ava reacts to the news.

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