Kim Kardashian Reveals ‘Mommy’s Dead’ April Fool’s Prank, Kanye West Unimpressed

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Kim Kardashian’s poker face might match her poker-straight hair, but this mother has a sense of humor. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, though. Kim’s daughter, North West, seems to have been heavily involved in an April Fools’ Day joke but her father wasn’t amused.

On April 3, Kim was interviewed by Elle. As the magazine probed the KKW Beauty founder on her new sunglasses range, the subject of family came up. While Kim did answer the question regarding her children North and Saint “getting along,” she revealed something else.

“[North] roped [Saint] into an April Fool’s prank yesterday that was ridiculous. She took ketchup into my bathroom, and she begged me to let her spread it on me, and on the bathroom, as if it was like a bad scary movie.”

Kim then outlined how North requested that Kim “lie down,” before teaching Saint how to “fake cry.”

“She told him to scream ‘Mommy’s dead!’ Kanye ran upstairs and he was like, ‘Kids, this is not funny. This is not a good prank.'”

Kim then confessed to agreeing with her husband. Nonetheless, she added feeling “impressed” at seeing her children bond so well and “that they planned something together.” Kim and Kanye are expecting their fourth child in May via a surrogate.

Kim’s children aren’t the only ones pulling April Fools’ Day pranks this year. The Kardashian news comes one day after The Inquisitr reported Justin Bieber “apologizing” for his April 1 prank. It involved an Instagram picture of Justin’s wife Hailey Baldwin showing what appeared to be a baby bump. Social media was quickly swamped with excitement as fans took the post as an official pregnancy announcement. Following backlash from couples who struggle to conceive, Bieber eventually said “sorry” in a heartfelt statement.

April 3 isn’t the first “scary” headline from the Kardashians this month. As Kim launches her new sunglasses line for Carolina Lemke, fans have been debating the range’s promotional campaign. As the above-mentioned Elle report states, the campaign uses “three life-sized replicas” of Kim’s face.

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The magazine queried Kim, asking her what she learned about her face “from seeing your clones?” Kim replied saying that she finds her face “really weird without eyelashes!” As any good brand ambassador, Kim has taken to Instagram to share pictures of herself wearing the shades.

As of April 3 though, the only shade appearing to be thrown comes from Kanye West. This loving father might dote on his children, but he has his limits. Clearly, North’s prank crossed the line.