Mario Lopez Weighs In On College Admissions Scandal, Says ‘Everyone Makes Mistakes’

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Mario Lopez is the latest celebrity to address the college admissions scandal. He expressed compassion for Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, and their involvement in what he calls an “unfortunate” situation, reports Us Weekly.

The two actresses and dozens of other parents were arrested as part of a widespread investigation into the scam.

“Obviously, it’s an unfortunate story,” Lopez told the publication.

“And I happen to know Felicity and Lori, and the people involved are nice people.”

“Sometimes, nice people make mistakes and do tough stuff. You know, as a parent, you want to do anything for your kid, but sometimes that can get a little cloudy … The whole ordeal I think was just sort of shocking to hear. … I like them a lot, and it’s sad to hear, and I know they’re going through it. So God bless them and their families.”

Huffman and Loughlin are charged with allegedly paying out bribes to gain their children entry into high-level colleges. According to court documents, Huffman allegedly made a $15,000 payment toward a “college entrance exam cheating scheme” to benefit her daughter Sofia.

Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli were indicted for allegedly paying a total of $500,000 in exchange for having daughters Isabella and Olivia Jade falsely portrayed as recruits of the University of Southern California crew team, as stated in court documents.

The TV host refused to pass judgment on the allegations against Huffman and Loughlin. The expectant father of two said that he would never try to tell someone else how to be a parent. Lopez said he didn’t believe there existed a “blueprint” or a particular way to raise a child if you” try to come from a place of love.”

“So that’s what I try to do — try to come from a place of love — and you have a good support system, and you do your best. That’s all you can do. Sure, everyone makes mistakes along the way.”

Lopez called the scandal unfortunate but added that the incident brought more awareness to bigger issues concerning the topic of college admissions and will hopefully cause some things about the process to change.

A source told Us Weekly last month that Loughlin doesn’t view what she did as a crime, and has not yet grasped the seriousness of her actions or potential consequences. According to the source, she only considered the end result and didn’t believe the alleged bribery was a “big deal.”

The insider added that the Fuller House actress was a devoted mother who “lives and breathes for her husband and children,” and only acted with pure intentions from the outset.