Makeup Artist Jeffree Star Gets Robbed Of $2.5 Million Worth Of Beauty Product, FBI Gets Involved

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Makeup artist Jeffree Star frequently shares updates about his personal life as well as his love for makeup, and with the launch of the latest in his long line of cosmetics — a full line of skin products, the first of its kind from the beauty mogul — fans have been waiting for more content from the social media star. While Blue Blood, the latest from the makeup maven, has been slowly launching and appearing in stores, Star has been quieter than usual, and now fans have an answer as to why.

Although Star has been sharing updates about the health of his birth mother — who has recently fallen ill — to his Instagram stories, he’s also been alluding to another upsetting situation that he has finally opened up about. According to the makeup guru, the warehouse that was stocked full of his latest products was recently robbed, and an entire line of concealer was stolen and put for sale on the “black market” of makeup.

Star uploaded a lengthy tell-all to YouTube where he described the incident and shared how he and his team are working with the authorities, including the FBI. He revealed that two weeks ago, while he was traveling home from Texas, he got word that one of his products had been making the rounds on Facebook Marketplace with pictures of the unique, hand-designed container of concealer, as well as swabs of the exact color.

Star further shared that he thinks that the robbery was an inside job, likely from someone who worked in the distribution center that houses his skincare line and that they tipped off the robbers to the exact location of the items allegedly stolen. The cases of concealer, which Star said where packed neatly in boxes and in a temperature controlled portion of the warehouse, where not easily found — so someone had to know what they were looking for in order to nab them.

“They came in through the roof, and it was was a very professional job. It was a team of people, and when you watch footage of this stuff, it is so so gut-wrenching to see people just take your s*** and put it in a truck and steal something that I have been working on for so long.”

In addition to the concealer making the rounds on the internet, a highlighter palette and some boxes of lip liner were taken from the facility as well.

Star said that although there has been speculation of him canceling the launch, which he has been working tirelessly on, he will continue to move forward. He asked his fans to report any stolen makeup that they may see floating around the internet and promised that this would not stop him from doing what he loves, despite the setback.