‘One Piece’ Chapter 939 Spoilers, Release Date: Eiichiro Oda Taking A One-Week Break

tofoli.douglasFlickr / Public Domain

The One Piece Wano arc continues to get intense as the much-awaited battle between the Strawhat Pirates alliance and the Beast Pirates draws near. As of now, lots of things are happening in the Land of Wano. Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy is currently fighting in the Sumo Inferno Tournament held by Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague, while in the latest chapter of One Piece, Strawhat Pirates vice-captain Roronoa Zoro easily defeated Shogun Kurozumi Orochi’s assassin in a one-on-one fight.

It was also revealed that the woman that Zoro saved is Kozuki Hiyori, the long lost sister of Lord Kozuki Momonosuke. Though most One Piece fans are already excited to know more about Hiyori, the final page of One Piece Chapter 938 showed that popular manga creator Eiichiro Oda will be taking a one-week break. For fans who don’t have the patience to wait for the next chapter, The Library of Ohara recently released their own version of One Piece Chapter 939.

The fan-made One Piece Chapter 939 is titled “Child of the Lurking Legend.” It started with the conversation between Zoro, Hiyori, and Toko. Zoro told Hiyori that his older brother, Momonosuke, is alive. Hiyori expressed her desire to meet Momonosuke as soon as possible. The chapter became laughable when Hiyori mentioned that their real biological father is not really Oden but someone named Roronoa D. Kaidou.

The One Piece Chapter 939 created by The Library of Ohara mostly focused on the events at the Prisoner’s Mine. After seeing Luffy dominating the Sumo Inferno Tournament, Queen decided to fight him by himself. However, before he entered the arena, a starving Emperor Big Mom showed up at the Prisoner’s Mine looking for Shiruko. After recognizing Emperor Big Mom, Luffy and Queen’s eyes popped out.


Queen knows how powerful Emperor Big Mom is. Instead of fighting her, Queen gave her all the Shiruko they had. Strawhat Pirates doctor Tony Tony Chopper and Momonosuke shouted at Luffy, telling him that they came to help him escape from the Prisoner’s Mine. While Emperor Big Mom is eating, Emperor Kaido appeared and said he would get rid of Charlotte Linlin and the Strawhat Pirates.

Tama used her devil fruit power to tame Emperor Kaido and turned him into their ally. However, One Piece Chapter 939 revealed that Tama’s real intention is to control Emperor Kaido and become the new ruler of Wano Country. Before Emperor Kaido destroyed everything in front of him, Strawhat Pirates cook Vinsmoke Sanji came.

It was revealed that the “Child of the Lurking Legend” refers to Sanji. Black Leg easily defeated Emperor Kaido and kicked Emperor Big Mom out of Wano Country. The fan-made One Piece Chapter 939 ended with one of the gifters saying that the real captain of the Beast Pirates is “Million Beasts” Alpacaman, who has a bounty of 5.7 billion berries.