‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dominic Zamprogna Teases Future Returns As Dante, Praises Latest Storyline

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers hint that viewers may not have seen the last of Dante yet. Actor Dominic Zamprogna recently wrapped up a 10-episode return, and he opened up in a brief interview about what the future holds for his character and his connection to GH.

As The Inquisitr detailed, fans loved having Dante back in Port Charles, but many were disappointed by the short storyline arc and open-ended exit. Lulu has said she will wait for Dante to address his mental health issues and return home, but now she is back in limbo in terms of a storyline.

Zamprogna shared with Soap Opera Digest that he enjoyed playing a different version of Dante with this latest return. Dom added that it was nice to be back after having been off the General Hospital set for a while, as he was excited to see his fellow cast members and they were excited to see him.

As for Dante’s decision to leave, Zamprogna says he’s sure Lulu will be perplexed about why her husband felt he had to leave Port Charles. The actor notes that the viewers got to see parts of Dante’s struggles that Lulu didn’t see and he hopes that fans don’t just see the character as a jerk who returned home just to quickly leave again.

Obviously, Dante’s exit was again structured as an open-ended one, with the possibility that he will eventually return to Port Charles. At this point, it sounds as if General Hospital is still resisting a recast. Zamprogna says he’s open to more visits and he enjoyed this last return.

“I think they’d like to keep me in the mix, thankfully. That seems to be the idea at the moment, and that’s really nice, without me committing to something full time. So we’ll see what happens from here.”

Zamprogna noted that with short arcs like this last one, the writers tend to come up with something substantial in terms of storyline and he likes that.

“The writers are like, ‘Okay, he’s back for this long, what do we do to make it count?’ I think that’s good for everyone. This time, I got to do something kind of different, which I enjoyed. I hope the fans enjoyed it, and hopefully we’ll get to do it again.”

The challenge is that once again, Lulu is left in limbo. Dante told her not to wait for him, but she will, at least for now. At this point, General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps don’t reveal anything juicy regarding what’s next for Lulu.

Can the writers come up with a satisfying way to keep Lulu busy while having Dante pop in and out for short visits in the future? General Hospital fans aren’t necessarily convinced they can successfully pull this off, and everybody will be curious to see where this all heads going forward.