‘Married At First Sight’ Contestant Matthew Bennett Sings Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga’s Hit ‘Shallow’

Former reality TV star Matthew Bennett, the “ex-virgin” groom known for his time on the show Married At First Sight, got a chance to overcome his “stage anxiety” on Monday by singing Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s hit “Shallow” from A Star Is Born. As The Daily Mail reports, he shared pictures and clips from his night on his Instagram and claimed that it was his music teacher that gave him the drive to face his “fear” head-on.

“Still causes me huge anxiety, my leg shakes uncontrollably so I keep tapping it, and I keep my eyes closed more often than open so I don’t have to see all the people looking at me.”

“But I didn’t forget any words this time,” he said.

“And there were moments were [sic] I got lost in the song, which is an amazing feeling. Hopefully this is something that gets easier with time.”

During his time on Married At First Sight, Bennett was known as the shy virgin who “married” Lauren Huntriss and ended up losing his virginity to her. But the good times didn’t last long — he admitted that he didn’t find her attractive, which was the nail in the coffin for a relationship that ended bitterly. Now, Bennett has a new girlfriend, British wrestler Annabel Jameson.

But Huntriss is apparently not ready to let the bitter split go, and Girlfriend reports that she has been harassing Bennett.

“There’s been relentless contact. I’ve asked her to stop.”

Apparently, Huntriss was contacting Bennett even before he had a girlfriend, and he suggests that the purpose of the contact is abuse.

Per Sunshine Coast Daily, Bennett claims that he is happy with Jameson and although the media is putting a strain on their relationship, the pair are working through it as best as they can and are “optimistic for the future.”

Jameson is British and claims that she didn’t see Bennett on Married At First Sight prior to meeting him. Apparently, the couple met through wrestling while training at United Pro Wrestling Training Academy on the Sunshine Coast. After Bennett showed her a video of maze running, they hit it off. She also claims that the two have decided not to watch the show to avoid adding more drama to their relationship.

In regards to Huntriss, Jameson is remaining quiet out of respect for her.

“It’s not my place [to say anything to her]. I think it’s hard and I feel for her.”

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