Justin Bieber Criticized For Using Diddy’s Tribute To Kim Porter To Promote His Clothing Line

Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

Justin Bieber faced criticism for using Sean “Diddy” Combs’ tribute to his late ex-girlfriend Kim Porter as a means to promote his clothing line Drew House, reports People.

On November 15, Porter was found dead in her home due to complications from lobar pneumonia. She was 47-years-old.

Diddy shared a photo of him and Porter on Instagram Saturday, that showed him embracing the model in front of a white Rolls Royce.

“I remember Kim flying to see me on the set of can’t nobody hold me down,” he wrote.

“She took like a 12-hour flight to LA and 3-hour ride to the desert. With no complaints. Was always ride or die. From day 1! I called her BONNIE AND I WAS CLYDE!”

“This picture will go down in history as the first time I said she was MINE!!!! AND THE FIRST TIME I TOLD HER I LOVE HER, little did I know I was her. Miss you BONNIE ❤️and will forever. Maaaan life is beautiful to have had these experiences. Love you baby.”

Bieber shared the photo on Sunday.

Some of the singer’s fans saw the post and immediately chastised him for disrespectfully using the photo to promote his own interests.

“Hope this gets taken down. Disrespectful to re-use a photo Diddy used on a memorial post to promote a brand,” a user wrote.

Bieber eventually responded to the criticisms and claimed that he was not aware of the context in which the photo was being used.

“Ur wrong. God knows my heart, I know them and their family don’t tell me I’m being disrespectful I have all the respect for both of them I didn’t realize it was a photo of him mourning KP but I totally respect that but I also respect how sick of a photo that is!” Bieber said.

Bieber added that his original intention was to highlight Diddy’s clothes, a camel-colored outfit similar to the hoodies and sweatpants available on thehouseofdrew.com.


The performer encountered additional backlash on Monday for carrying out an April Fools’ Day joke that implied he and wife Hailey Baldwin were having a child.

Bieber posted three different ultrasound photos on Instagram, including a set of photos showing Baldwin with doctors touching her stomach.

The last photo was an ultrasound image with a puppy photoshopped in the place of a fetus, finally confirming that the series of photos were a joke.

However, some on social media felt the posts were insensitive to those who have suffered from miscarriages or infertility.

Bieber has not responded publicly to the criticism.